Isle of Wight Trip : Part Two

I wish I could say I am late posting because I won the lottery and I am enjoying a private Corey Taylor gig whilst drunk on Veuve Cliquot bellinis, but the reality is that my day job is currently kidnapping my soul even after 5:30pm. Satan, you suck, I never signed up for overtime when I signed my corporate deal!!

With no further adieu, I shall present part 2 of the Isle of Wight trip, which happened on the weekend of 13th april, this time focussing on the Compton Bay beach, a beautiful stretch of sand about 30 mins away from Newport.

My breath was literally taken away by the powerful marine breeze – and the stunning view. For once, my nose wasn’t carrying out its “self-service nose job procedure”, eg uber tight squinting of the nostrils to prevent the morning stench coming in. If you are a London commuter : ya know what I mean.

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For an introvert stuck against her will in an office all week long (but in favour of her wallet’s will), THIS was just pure HEAVEN! [up yours corporate Satan 🙃]




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I really loved the fact that the beach was so vast and yet friendly and welcoming : everyone could have their spot without being in someone’s way, which I hate with normal beaches. There were surfers, families with kids, solo peeps like me [though without the tripod and booty cape 😂]

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And, of course, I had to strike a pose.

Have you ever seen a Goth on the beach?

Have you ever seen a booty cape?

Now you do !


As I packed very last minute, I took some really random bits of clothing with me … They seem to have done the trick for my Goth With The Wind on The Beachscene, non? 😀


The booty cape is one of my favourite item of dressing up, though I rarely use it. It is a steampunk wrap skirt I got on amazon – technically you are supposed to wear it over a fluffly steampunk skirt… But I am not technical and I don’t like to follow rules, so I just wrap it around my arse when I feel like it !!


The shoes are Demonia, I paid £22 on Amazon .A tip for you alt fashion fiends : peruse Amazon for crazy prices on last items in stock. Also remove the women/men shoe filter because sometimes it is skewed : these ankle boots were in the man section (size 36 lol). Proof:


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That is me done for the Isle of Wight … I have really enjoyed being away from London for a bit – however being away from it does remind you of both why you love and hate it.  I do love the convenience and endless choices the city gives me, but man, I absolutely hate the lack of space and mad pace that is rampant in London.

So folks, are you a city or outskirt earthling??

PS: Something tells me I will be covering Whitby Goth Weekend 2018 Edition…Stay tuned !! 😉

I’ll be back !



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  1. Looks inspired! Loving the images. I’ve hears fabulous things about this area and your pictures and story telling verifies my information. Thanks for the helpful share and hey, great to see you on BE. Brian runs a wonderful site, right Belle?


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