Blogging Photography : Black & White Rescue

Nope, this is not the most egotistical post on the bloggosphere, whereby I litter the internet with yet another blog post full of myself shrouded in #ffffff &#000000 (black and white for the non geeks).

I am actually going to give some tips on rescuing pictures by using the artsy fartsy art of black and white in photos!


Yes, I don’t usually use black and white for its original aim of making things mysterious and fancy as fuck – I use it to rescue pictures whose original lighting is as bad as Gene Simmons make up. Yes, that bad.


If you use Photoshop lightroom, then I’d recommend using the native black and white presets, and then cranking the blacks down. Highlights need to stay up so you don’t completely disappear in the lightroom blackhole. I usually play with shadows also to get the ultimate GAF result (Goth As Fuck).


If you use another software, then the same principle applies but honestly, for this to work, you need to be shooting raw – yes people, it sounds dirrrrtayy but it is actually the format which most digital cameras output files in !

It is an uncompressed format, which means that there is a lot more potential to editing than there is with jpeg files.


Side fashion note so I don’t lose my fashion peeps: the scarf is from Attitude Clothing, £4.99.  The crown is from the Gothic Shop, £21.50 (I bought mine in their sale a few months back).  The Pentagram choker is from the fabulous WonderlandMC.


Oh, and sometimes, I do use it to be goth as fuck  😉


Any questions please pop’em below !


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  1. I’m hopeless when it comes to photoshop. My skillz don’t go beyond tweaking the Instagram filters. (It doesn’t help that I’m the worst photographer in the world) But I have on so many occasion used the black and white filters to cover a blemish or two >.>

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