The Isle of Wight Gothic Circus 2018 Part I

Alright dudes and dudettes, for once, we are not going to talk about my own personal circus (with my neighbours as the freaks and me as the knife thrower), but about the first Isle of Wight Gothic Circus !

I have indeed gone to the Isle of Wight (IOW) for the weekend and will be publishing three posts : two about the gothic circus, and another one about me at the beach  the Compton Bay beach as well as some snippets from my trip.

Aaaaaaare you reaaaaaaaaaady?

First of all, you will not escape my mug. This was me making a batshit arrival at the Gothic Circus, held about 15 mins away from Newport where my hotel was. I had a bat headband purchased in H&M which made a few people curse or laugh depending on how far away they were from me in the tent.

Sample comments I got : “that headpiece is awesome, your bats are dancing when you are moving“, answer : ” thanks mate!”;  ” Do you mind moving, all I see is bats!?“, answer : “KISS MY BATS!

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**apologies photos are from my iphone as I forgot my SD card for my camera!!!!**

Here a few pictures from the ground, the big top and a few classic festival food stalls.

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Now to the inside of the big top : a big stage at the centre for all the acts, and some cool gothic twisted spots for photos and shenanigans.

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I will now divide the post into the various acts, highlighting the fun, the glorious and the inglorious !!

Bless this local band and their lead singer. He reminded me of Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance (don’t ask me why or how I know about them *sigh*).  He made this dramatical entrance – wig firmly latched on and everything:


… only for the wig to snatch itself and decide to quit after 5 minutes on the stage!

gothic circus iow

Apparently, it was a “well rehearsed stage move” … just like when I spill coffee at work innit? But to give credit where it is due, they put on a performance and had these two gonzos straight from Dragon Ball Z the Kinky Edition throwing some sparks:

gothiccircusiow IMG_0165.jpg

This lady (Talulah Blue) turned up and decided to ruffle feathers, blow a balloon and er …

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This lady was AMAZING. The aerial moves were so seamless, and there I was with my bloated tuna panini belly, struggling to move from left to right.

IMG_0259.jpg IMG_0270.jpg IMG_0315.jpg

I have plenty more to share for part 2, but this post is getting massive and I am getting massive eyebags … And I have the professional circus to attend tomorrow *sigh*.



Stay tuned for Part 2 and 3 !






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