Lookbook: Casual Metal by the Canal

I am having a bit of a backlog issue with blog posts as so much stuff is happening at the same time … and actually I am one island behind, as I am writing this from the Isle of Wight, where I decided to go to attend the first Gothic Circus (next blog post!).

In the meantime, I am sharing a double trouble post which contains fashion and scenery … see I am not just a vapid poseur? 😉 This is from last weekend, when the weather was on a high.

The scene is a London canal path which I took from Regent’s Park but can be taken from my other places and leads to various other areas within London – including Paddington (where the bear is chilling) and Camden (where the alternative market is located).

On my way I met some cheeky characters …

casual stroll-4

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On the canal, you will actually see houseboats, where lucky people get to avoid shitty neighbours and enjoy the peace of the waters. I think I want one of those!

casual stroll

The building in red is a Chinese restaurant – I have never been to it despite walking by many times. And I am a hungry girl, WTF is wrong with the my world?

casual stroll-2

Me prepping for my outfit post 🙂 Pretending I am a rockstar with my glasses on LOL.

It actually takes me a bit to set up when I am self shooting : it is not so much the physical set up of the tripod and camera, but the angle and height etc … Doing full length shots means ensuring there is enough distance and so on.

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I found a spot I really like for photos despite the strong political message on the wall … !

casual stroll-7

The results?


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This outfit was quickly put together and hopefully shows that having the right accessories can completely make an outfit…. Indeed, most of the clothing, which I will describe below is from mainstream brands. No need to spend £80 on a dress … Spend it on BLING! 😉


I am absolutely in love with this metallo-steampunk hat I got from Ebay.


The belt is from killstar, you can find it here for £29.99 (I bought it when they had a promo on 20% – register for the emails, they are annoying but can contain some cool discounts).


The dress is from Amazon, I was looking for a “high low” dress, as I LOVE them, they honestly give a good booty and create a cool effect. That link will show you some. Mine cost me £15 and I wear it a lot. A LOT.

My coat is from Zara … from the teenager section !! Don’t judge, the teen section has some cool ass stuff and I will go there as long as I can fit teehee. It is a kinda shaggy coat which goes well with most of outfits.


The multi-layer chain is from H&M. I love it but it is HEAVY AS F***! Always check the Divided section of H&M, again teenagers are given special grunge treatment (but so can we!)


That is it for now!

I am about to try and find a beach on the isle of Wight to…ummm… POSE of course 😉 (And attempt actual photography).

Until next time…


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  1. *taking notes*
    thanks for the post. It is always great when you can make a bomb ass outfit for the price of one dress from Killstar (no hate!), Looks like there are some hidden gems in London. Would love to go to the boat restaurant

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