Canonising London : First Steps with the Canon M50

After praying and swearing at Lord Adobe to fix a file compatibility issue (can you tell I work in IT? isn’t this the most sexy hook for a blog post?!), the invocations have been answered and I have finally been able to go through some of the pictures I took with my Canon M50.

These were taken over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, which of course was grey and miserable but so was I. I am just fed up with this frankenstein-in-drag weather. Confusing as hell.

In fact : I could feel my balls freezing and I don’t have balls, that is how cold it is over here!!

Let’s start with this in London Bridge. Best caption for me was “Some people see beauty everywhere, I see Heavy Metal everywhere!” (reference : 🤘🤘🤘)


There is a lotta glass in London Bridge and I am reflecting upon the reflection [I haz the smartz today].


I made the Walkie Talkie building dramatic on purpose as it reminded me of a monster looming over a plain ol’ London Street … (yes fellow foreign folks, that is what this building’s nickname is… and that isn’t the worse, we also got the Cheese Grater and … the Dildo)


Leadenhall Market is located a few minutes walk from Monument Station and is normally heaving with people in the week. Thankfully for this introvert apprentice snapper, there was hardly anyone there. Introvert 1, People 0.

*celebrates alone*


I wasn’t drunk when I was taking the pictures, just trying to be fancy with angles …

*re-adjusts monocle*meblue-10

leadenhall-3 decay.jpg

I am going to do part 2 and 3 of this blog post series in the week, as it will focus on some proper metal (buildings) and metalhead (me) 😉


As much as London does my nut in (see 50 previous blog posts), I feel privileged as it is an amazing fertile ground for snaps.

As someone who is locked away in a windowless office for hours on end,  I find it relaxing to be out and about and breathing in the surroundings [photographically speaking cos London air is like the cosmos’ methane]. Plus, it takes my mind off batshit neighbours, nosey colleagues and barf inducing process maps.

Do you enjoy snapping*? What relaxes you?

[*slapping not included;-)]

PPS: if you are on insta, I have two accounts – @thunderellatravels for photography and @thunderella666 for general gothicness . See you there!


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