Life is a Bleach: Tips for Fried Hair

It is fair to say that my hair has been more fried than a McDonald’s chicken nugget : straightening irons, endless hair colors, blow dries and TONS of bleaching have all been my routine for many years.

I have spent a fortune trying to find the elixir of life, which will keep my locks on lock … And trust me, I have tried EVERYTHING!

Here are my top products to use for your hair to stop singing Evanescence’s ‘Bring Me to Life‘ day in and out (that was my actual problem). May your headbanging be soft and brutal at the same time!

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1- Palmer’s Dry Oil Mist – £6.99

This is a very light leave-in spray, which I absolutely adore. I spray it in the morning before work and in the evening before bed. It is non greasy and will moisturise and leave your hair shiny and soft. The smell is nice too.


2- Lee Stafford’s Golden Girl Oil – £9.99

This is absolutely a life saviour for my bleached hair. Not only does it neutralise the Ronald MacDonald brassy orange tones I get on the blonde highlights, it makes the bleached hair incredibly hydrated and strong. The scent is sweet and addictive.


3- John Frieda Miraculous Recovery – £6.99

I have tried a lot of masks over the years, and some do absolutely nothing, some actually dried my hair out (I know, wtf??). When I cannot afford to buy Olaplex 3 (this is awesome but pricey for the small bottle), I buy this John Frieda mask, which I apply once a week.

The tub is big and you don’t need to apply much (I have very long hair and this is lasting me and my hungry hair!). I can see the results straight away as I blow dry my hair, and that is rare : I usually need to apply serum post blow dry to keep my hair moisturised. Honestly an awesome product!


The proof in pictures 🙂

🤘Happy Headbanging!🤘


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