Gothic Circus & Me(n)tal Acrobatics

My life is currently a circus of horror, where I am the clown, trapezist and ringmaster, so what more appropriate than a circus-themed photoshoot ?!

I won’t bog this post down with details of my mental acrobatics (later post) so here’s the fashion rundown 🙂

I have always been obsessed with big dramatic skirts, so I am finding myself using this petticoat for so many pictures. I have a short one and a longer one – both are technically  supposed to be worn under another skirt/dress, but the amazon ones are really good can be worn on their own.

I love feathers and skulls – anything which adds drama is my my thing … but only accessories wise, as I really cannot stand life drama !

The shoes are from Demonia, I have to admit I haven’t been out with them yet, am kinda scared of falling over disgracefully … Eeek. Maybe this weekend? At least I will be able to blame the fall on booze 😀


I am possibly attending the Gothic Circus in the Isle of Wight in a couple of weeks so that is how I came about this outfit. I was trying to figure out what I could wear, and I think this could work, no? 🙂


Feather headdress : £3 in Primark (bought at Halloween time)

Skull Brooch : bought at an alternative market in London

Choker : Wonderlandmc 

Waistcoat : ASOS

Petticoat : Amazon


Alternative Fashion Gothic Jewellery Photoshoot Skulls

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