Confessions & Rants of an Introvert

First confession: I have bitchface. And mine is not resting – it is active. All.the.goddamn.time. Which usually prompts the dreaded ‘You can smile, you know?‘ [Naaaaaaah! REALLY MATE?!]. This is extremely irritating because I don’t feel like it is acceptable to tell other people how to use their body muscles, based on some assumption you made of what they can or should do.

Would you say to someone who looks constipated [by your standards and rectum holding facial recognition powers]: “You can fart, you know?Nope, I don’t think so.

So I want my zygomatic arch to be left alone in its bitchy glory.  It won’t move anyway *ugly cries*.

Bitchy Goth

Saying that, I am actually social once I let people in my circle. Being an introvert DOES NOT mean being a hermit from Narnia whose only friends are an Ikea wardrobe, a bitch and a Nestle lion bar;  it simply means being very very selective with whom time is being spent with …

Friendly Goth

… Because being surrounded by people physically exhausts and drains us introverts. Most people don’t understand this but : I actually get physically and energetically completely drained if I spend too much time within a group. I am like an iPhone battery : too much bullshit running at the same time and poof ! mama is gone down to 20% battery – straight onto captain-save-a-goth mode.

Groups can be acquaintances, work, but also being in a pub for too long making small talk with a group of new people which you have been introduced to. The people aren’t bad people – but the brain of the introvert is forever trying to compute and output things, and it is exhausting.

I usually end up feeling like a goth deer in the headlights.


This is why I prefer one to one outings; as someone who likes to listen to people first, I am naturally more inclined to one to one settings, rather than groups. In my experience, in groups people tend to act like herds of hungry mammals ( I see ya) looking for relevancy and identity at the expense of individuals.[I have funny stories to share about this site!!]. In the words of Marilyn Manson:


Now to the ranting part ! Firstly, I really dislike this misconception that introverts are all Sheldon Coopers / Uncle Festers / Robocops type of loners, who are shy, scared, antisocial and unhappy.

Introverts have SWAG!!


Introverts have PERSONALITY!


Just because we are not loud, brash and in people’s faces like our cousins enemies the Extroverts, does not mean we don’t have personalities. We do. We are just classier with it. LOL 😀 [sorry]

On a serious note, people confuse shy with introverted a lot – we don’t mind talking, we just don’t want to be talking for the sake of it. We don’t mind parties, we just want to make sure there is meaning to them other than competing for the best vomit of the night.

What about you? Have you ever been misunderstood because of your personality type?


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  1. Hahaha good read! I definitely I’m not one to smile a lot and being around people can truly be exhaustive for us introverts.
    I wrote an article about how normal is boring…we introverts do have personalities…we just not in your faces kind of people🤗😅

    • Thank you and absolutely spot on ! i hate normality too so will pop over and check it out 🙂 Thanks!

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