The Shape of Me

… So it turns out that I am currently putting the Heavy into the Metal, and whilst I do not like it, I am going to deal with it.

In fact, with a pen name of Thunderella, I cannot NOT dedicate a post to my Thunder Thighs – it would be a tragedy and a total waste of the sacrificed Nando’s chicken legs which have tenderly contributed to the shape of these thighs.

In this day and age of popular skinny ghostly instagothorexics, I am presenting the OG dark horse, with a dark soul, a dark skin and a dark past ( my UberEats history is horrifying).

Weight nowadays is like a new form of human currency be it in the world of online blogging / instagramming / social media-ing or the celebrity world.

Remember the Axl Rose saga?  Basically, some fat pics of Axl circulated online and it snowballed into thousands of memes spread across the innanet. I would feel sorry if Axl wasn’t such an arsehole – karma clearly hit him in the gut.

But my point is that weight has become a way of measuring someone’s viability or suitability to represent, judge, assess one’s character.

You look like you eat sulphuric souls for breakfast? OMG so amazing!

You look like you eat buffed up buffalos for breakfast? OMG so positive!

What about us average flabby yet funky chicks? In the ‘alternative‘ world, it is either all about Lady GhoGhosts or Lady GogoGastros .

Let me reframe this :  I am talking about the extremes which are glorified and publicised everywhere ; ie extreme skinny and extreme chunky. Personally I don’t find either appealing or something to look up to – that is not to say they shouldn’t be featured but come on, what about the rest of the average population?

The chicks with little rolls and muffin tops? [I am like a little walking bakery myself]

Not everyone has legs the circumference of a USB cable (i am writing this in the office, and that is the only skinny thing I can see). Some of us are more HDMI cables !

I personally struggle to buy trousers – in fact I rarely do and usually wear leggings – because I am built neither like a fridge nor like Apollo 13. Sizing is getting ridiculous for bottoms.

Anyway, I am digressing.

The Summary?

I have put on weight and it sucks, but the point is that it is what us women go through and not all of us bloggers go on an apnea session or stomach duck face pose before taking outfit pics !!

Nothing a good headbanging session won’t fix 🙂


So.Do you have issues with sizing or am I the only chick with a wierd ass shape?!

Dress : ASOS

Jacket : H&M

Boots: Amazon

Necklace : WonderlandMC

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  1. You’re stunning and I’m sure you know it 😊 I’ve always said weight does not have any bearing on beauty 😊

    • Aw that’s kind of you! I went through a lot of body dysmorphia phases so it can be difficult but I work through it ! Thanks for your comment 🙂 🤘

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