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So my next blog post was supposed to be about my time in Great Mammoth Yarmouth … Ahh, Great Yarmouth – totally misleading name. In fact, in my mind this can only be a hundred years old contraction of ‘Grate Yer Mouth‘ because:

1- that is all I heard in the streets of Yarmouth [seriously came across a little 3 year old kid telling his dad to shut his gob!].

2- errr there is nothing great about this town – in fact, the second event which was witnessed after the little rebel yell was a dude getting his car seized for drug possession and being thrown into a police car !

I attended a classic rock festival there, which was fun in its own right but this outing is actually totally blog worthy for other reasons : the crazy tales of demented old ladies and LSD-filled seventy year olds throwing ninja moves on the dancefloor.

Anyway I digressthis post will be coming on Wednesday. Until then I wanted to pretend I am Miss Halford of Jezebel’s Priest (sorry Judas, it was International Woman’s day the day I shot this) … a tribute band which exists in my room only and has a solo member 😀

I am wearing a top from EMP, some faux-leather trousers from H&M I got in a charity shop ( £4 !)and the gloves are from Amazon (but you can get them on Ebay by looking for ‘Arm Warmers Punk’). Boots are from New Rock Australia, model is M.8366-S1 (remember discount code is ‘Thunder666’ :-))



Now, this hat is my ‘ I am side-eyeing bullshit from the depths of Valhalla and North West London‘ cap ! I got it from this really talented seller on Ebay : check them out!


My studded arm cuff is from Ebay again, but the corset looking one is from The Gothic Shop.   Earrings are from Ebay also.


This hat is from Download Festival 2015 – absolutely love buying stuff at festivals ; especially after 5 double whiskeys, when everything seems so cheap and my bank account feels unlimited.

metal-8 hat

This vest is from Punk Rave, can’t really see it well on there so will have to do better next time! My arm is at the back trying to prevent my hair from being hoarded by the studs and spikes! Seriously i love this vest but it is like Jack the Ripper, Pantene Pro-V edition.


Well that is it for today ! I have finished performing my one hit wonder – and will be back for some mouth watering tales from Great Yarmouth this week.

Have a great week and stay metal !!!

🖤🖤 Thunderella 🖤🖤

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