Tomb Raider : Gothic Edition

… Nope, no booty shorts and bouncing chests over here, only a tale of two Virgoths chilling out at the weekend, tales from the crypt style!

After a hectic end of 2017, I have been really looking forward to hosting my friend, fellow blogger and  partner in remote crime,  Lady Limbic Destruction of Limbic Destruction .  We are both starting new jobs this year, and have both gone through some major downs last year, including toxic ‘friendships’ going south and straaaaiiiiight to the crematorium…

“Ashes to Bitches, Crust to Dust” 


So where did we decide to spend the majority of our Sunday?

In a graveyard.

Of course.

Where else?


Hey, we didn’t start there – in fact, we started in the world of the living – the living who live too well and eat for five mainstream alternative models [activate shade detector]. Yep, we started with two bottles of Prosecco, a massive four dishes thai takeaway, one cheesecake, one red velvet cake, two tubs of chocolate delicacies – all this within 3 hours of the gathering. Efficient, we are!

… Oh and it also explains the final duck faces, ie ‘I rebuke this dairy intolerance’ face.

After a Saturday spent snatching cake leftovers and leftover edges, we decided to go for an impromptu shoot in this tiny graveyard not far from my abode.

The outfit was quickly put together but it was really comfortable and WARM!


I have basically two separate dresses there : one basic black swing dress from Boohoo, and a lace overlay from Primark (£13).


My flower headband is from Ebay, I love it as well. Only cost me £10 and goes with everything!tomsitting

I LOVE these boots and I got them from La Halle Aux Chaussures in Paris. You can find them here . I had to stretch the fuck outta the lacing at the front to be able to close them – this seems to be a common theme with boots these days. Does calvosuction exist?


The Pentagram choker is from WonderlandMC , it goes with everything and honestly just jazzes up an outfit instantly !

Another black and white one just to be fancy! I am so glad the make up has stayed on … lipstick is Ruby Woo from MAC and eyeshadow is Urban Decay (will post separately).


A night inspired edit …


Finally, some which are reminiscent of Autumn … One cannot spot a big fat pile of leaves without wanting to stick one’s foot in them !! [in the name of art and fashion of course]

Okay final ones of my mug! We took a HELL of a LOTTA piccies, so I reckon there will be an instagram flooding soon! Oh and also please join me on the new social media platform Vero – it’s super cool and fun to use (search for ‘thunderella’) 🙂

The earrings are also from WonderlandMC … super light and i love the closing system, so many earrings are made with an open hook – rubbish when you headbang and they hit da floor. Problem solved!


Enough for now 😉 I hope you enjoyed the impromptu shoots! Sponsored by red velvet cake, cheesecake and a friendship spanning England, Scotland & the internet (Thanks Lady Limbic Destruction!)

But in summary with this post, I can honestly say I had a fabulous time, and it was just groovy to be able to do all the things I like in 2 days – from face stuffing, to tea spilling and with a lot of black eyeshadow and metal bling in between!

Outfit wise, I always follow these rules:

  • Classic black clothing and layering
  • Mr T meets Morticia blingbling

Why? because it allows so much versatility 🙂 One piece of bling can go with so many different outfits; the other way round doesnt work so well for me.

What works for you?

Until Next Time … Kisses from The Cheesecake Crypt!



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  1. Hi Thunderella–Those BLACK AND WHITE photos in the cemetery remind me of the old classic HORROR films — or THE MUNSTERS — VERY COOL — Thanks for supporting my blog

  2. The pictures loook so damn gorgeous Mel. I only just realised the first picture, you can see the church behind! Lovely. Thanks for having me over, it was a fine weekend (albeit too damn short).

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