Hellbent for Pleather

So how is my new job you might ask ? Nah sod that, who wants to hear about process diagrams and other related cryptological nonsense??

In fact, you could say that I have been suffering from PTED (Post Traumatic Edge Disorder) because the first thing I did post Edge was to rock back and forth – between my debit card and my favourite alt clothing websites, dribbling uncontrollably for my next fix of silvery goodness (whoever said witches can be disarmed by silver bullets is a fool and a tool: we transform that shit into the finest pentagrams hunny!)…and I did all this at work. Whoops.

As a result, I decided to do a quick outfit post indoors – sadly the weather in the UK is doing a Celine Dion and is being whiney and dramatic for no reason, so I cannot go out and scare people. Damn.

And also, am broke.[see above]

But! The skull top is a cheap top I got on ebay for £0.99! You can find a lot of different designs – of course as it is the case with Ebay – this is a size “XXL – Your Bottom Is So Big It Has Its Own TripAdvisor Location“.

The cuff is from The Gothic Shop, I love it so much, I wear it at work with my corporate clothes. I feel like it acts as a goth signal : if I ever spot another goth wandering through the corporate corridors, I am ready to flash my wrist and communicate the way we do – in silence.

The necklace is from Attitude Clothing . I love it but it ties at the back with ribbons – which I find a bit annoying and fiddly. I also have a small neck (sorry vampires) so it was a pain to tie up. BUT it does looks cool, so mama is keeping.

The cropped jacket is from a charity shop round the corner from me – I ALWAYS check out my local charity shops (there’s loads of them if you are in the UK) because the most random, awesome things can be found there.

Sure, you may do 15 trips and come out reeking of Murder She Wrote, The Eau de Toilette, but you may also come out with some bargain leather or skull goodies. Worth it? Work it.

The skirt I am wearing in both outfits is from Zara. Super comfy and I have it in red also. It cost £19.99 and can be worn so many ways, i find it a great wardrobe staple.


Oh and I am wearing red fishnet tights over plain black tights! The color pops out better and you get to keep warm and the cellulite hidden sartorially. I told you, I am not only a Business Analyst, I am a Strategic Booty Analyst.



The necklace (Sinister Choker) is from Punk Rave and I got it via attitude clothing for £22.99. I think it will look amazing with a corset, but I currently do not fit in any of mine (2 weeks of Pad Thais = Fat Thighs and everything else). *cries into chicken chow mein*

The top is an ancient top from Next, I LOVE halternecks and one shoulder tops– I think they are such a cool piece to have because they are easy to accessorise whether on the neck or an arm full of heavy metal badassness.

They never go out of fashion either, so having a couple in your wardrobe will always be handy, I like them to go out – it makes me feel like a warrior, especially when my arms aren’t flabby. *cries into spring rolls*

In summary, I tend to spend most of my money on accessories because I prefer to jazz up high street pieces. This also means that i can wear these clothes at work, minus the armory I like to adorn myself with.

Saying that, I do love some of the alternative scene offerings – but lately the trends have been all about wierd  teenage slogans and McGoth related outfits, and that ain’t my cup of cwaffee. If anything I am a Burger Queen Goth.

What about you? How do you build your outfits?


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  1. Coincidentally my favorite color to wear is black. I have a lot of black shirts, black pants. I like wearing it. You have awesome style Thunderella! 😎 Love your look! 👍👍👍

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