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*Disclaimer : This post may or may not be a wish list for the author. The author’s birthday may or may not be on 4th September. The author may wear a size 3 in shoes (slide in my DM’s for the rest, a girl is precious about her measurements like that).*

Yes, the London Edge Spring 2018 post is finally here, it took me a week to get there (damn you corporate life) but I am happy to be able to give you a rundown my shopping list of this event.

I am going to be brutalthat is the heavy metal bitch in me, I am going to be sweetthat is the heavy sweet toothed goth in me, but overall I am going to be truthful about my experience.

Overall, the vibe was as badass as you’d expect but there were a couple of disappointments which I will expound on later.

☠️The good – Awesome, Chatty Vendors with Ace Products ☠️

Charlotte Clark’s stand was stunning and oh so gloriously goth. She was so passionate about her craft and really took the time to chat and explain how she came about her range. I am absolutely won over, especially after seeing these wonderful pieces with my own mascara’d up eyes.  I am saying bye to club nights and hello to gothic tea parties!


Next Queen of Darkness … first of all, massive shoutout to the lady who was manning the stand : she literally had two gothic magpies squealing for 15 solid minutes on her stand and she took it with a big smile! (or a massive dose of valium)

And I am still squealing harder than Rob Halford when I look back at the pics and the grandiose range of products on display…



Then we have the chaps from Strange Cult, who are launching their website next month. Eyes have been cast on the studded and buckled platforms (size 3, thank you), which are so LIGHT! Honestly, they looked and felt very comfortable, and most of all cool. The rep, Ryan Albertson from y-r-u was friendly and approchable. Looking forward to the online range.



Ah Watershed … the guys from Watershed were amongst the first people I mingled with, and they were so sweet they deserved a spot here, even though they aren’t a gothic themed brand but more surf, skater style. The candles smelled divined and if you feel a need to be reminded of sea goodness, these are your babies!




The wall of bling and belt from Bullet 69 … An interesting chat was had with the rep about vegan leather and leather – the point being that leather is a byproduct of the meat industry and therefore, does not constitute extra waste, but instead an upcycling method, unlike vegan leather which creates waste. Thoughts?





Sourpuss : An Introvert’s house decorations dream come true! That stand cracked me up with its inviting artefacts. In-laws coming? Get the doormat ready!


The lady at Mermaid Salon was lovely and let us glitter up a storm. They have a range of glitter which needs slight warming up with the brush for it to hold and get applied. Cool stuff !

☠️The Other Cool Stuff ☠️

The New Rock Stand – Loving the texture work ! (by the way here’s a discount code for you ‘Thunder666’ on the link above)


The Alchemy Stand, with very ornate pieces and fantastic homeware.

Some cool outfits:



☠️ Things That Made Me Feel On The Edge  ☠️

I completely get that this is a trade event, but I felt like some vendors / participants just did not want to ‘mingle’ or just enter into a friendly chat with little people.

For me alternative is meant to be inclusive, and I just have no patience for snobbism anywhere. Fuck that shit.

Secondly, I wish that the catwalk had actual alternative models on it, as well as racially and physically diverse models. There are so many beautiful, outrageously stylish plus size, irregular size, Black, Asian, Mixed, and so on women. And none of them were represented?

As an irregular girl with an arse and a tan, I felt disappointed in the bland models used in the show. Where were the tattooed, multicolored queens of the alt look?

Please sort it out for September ! I demand it! (got the crown yas ! From the Original Atelier, they were absolutely LOVELY ladies, check their site, their work is out of this world)



Until then …

Buy me stuff ?


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  1. I agree, there is so much diversity out there – why not use that to your advantage? The event looked super cool and seems like there was more house hold items that the september event. I want that toaster!!!!

    • That toaster is sweet!! Let’s see what is presented in September ! I really hope to see diversity on the catwalk !xx

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