Woman On The Edge : London Edge 2018 (Intro)

*creaking sound*

Nope this is not the sound of my coffin opening up after a week of  restful Goth UV light (Ultra Velvet), but the sound of my body lately!

I have not done a runner from my little WordPress platform, but I have been plagued with some nefarious health issues the past week – including “Back to Work-itus“, “Wake up at Unholy Hour-itus” and the exhausting “FuckThisShit-itus“. Thankfully, I am recovering slowly but surely with hefty doses of Judas Priest’s Painkiller.

…However, this treatment wouldn’t have been successful without a trip to the Spring 2018  Edition of London Edge , THE alternative lifestyle and fashion trade event of the year!

I attended my first show last year, and it was A BLAST !!! Whilst intended mostly for retailers, London Edge opens its door to online babblers like me who will squeal in delight every 2 steps of the way and remember every single product code for future purchases.

This year, I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging around with fellow blogger Heavy Metal Momma , with whom I had a righteous blast, all the way down to the afterparty (PS: I lost my voice the next day, thanks to screeching to Disturbed and System of A Down!)

I will be taking you through my favourite stalls of this edition in a second post coming this week, as I am still going through all photos.

Instead, here is an outfit post from the day!

I have really digged my purchases from The Gothic Shop , which include the headpiece and shawl/cape you will see below.

The dress is a dress from Boohoo – I really love high/low dresses and you can find them also on Amazon for cheap. I pimped this dress with a belt from Primark – honestly Primark can produce some amazing stuff in the winter season for us ladies of the Dark.

What I do is buy the stuff and store it for future use. I have loooooads of really badass belts from Primark. This was £3!


Queening it up with my Pendulous Thread Crown ! The choker is from my trusted WonderlandMC.

IMG_7005 IMG_7004


I am not farting on this picture but I was mid talking and this unfortunate upside down pout came out ! Nevermind, I hope you are looking at the jacket instead 😉

This jacket cost me £39 in Reserved. I LOVE it! Always helpful to get space in the underground. Ain’t nobody trying to squeeze me when I am wearing that teehee.



The focus of this picture is the ring : £0.99 in Primark again. I always check their bling because once in a while something badass shows up.IMG_7040 2

That cape/shawl is BOMBASTIC ! Oh yeah, and this is a sneak peak of the shenanigans from this weekend (mama wants that crown! more coming up on that!)

IMG_9337 2

Hope you stay tuned because I have a whole lotta gothilicious pictures to share – and I have remembered all the product codes if you fancy badgering your partner for new goodies 😉

Until Next Time!






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