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If you had spent your final holiday days here

kotao-11 IMG_6818

… and came back to London frazzled, at 3AM after a pungent taxi ride – driven by a chatty wierdo intent on talking to you whilst you are doing everything in your power not to barf in said vehicle –  would you blame me for having been lying in bed (and in denial), in the Boozing Buddha position in my London flat for the last few days?!

Cos that’s what I did on top of a serious jetlag!

But fear not!

Since we (my thunder pad thai thighs and I) are back in London and I am going back to the corporate circus next week, I shall be serving plenty of fullmouthed rants, anecdotes, fullmouthed advice (the fucking ying to the fucking yang innit) and of course fashion lashings of skulls, pentagrams and heavy metal. (I have done a lotta shopping lol)

Coming soon – not in order; all of them with custom pictures:

  1. Top 10 annoying questions for solo travellers and how to dodge them with no headbutt
  2. How to go to an interview hangover and get the job (true story)
  3. Me in a tutu and blue hair
  4. Me in a tutu, blue hair and new shoes
  5. Funniest Shit Witnessed on Instagram 
  6. Goth With The Wind (basically still me posing)
  7. Rants, depending on who decides to play with my nerves and correlated advice to help my readers
  8.  Bling related posing
  9. Life advice related stuff (may include tips such as : play AC/DC’s Thunderstruck in your pyjama and ruin your vocal chords by screeching ‘THUNDER!! THUNDER!!” outloud as a mantra)
  10. More travelling …hopefully not in England’s bootyhole


Yes, I am ready, and I hope you are 🙂

Thanks to the new followers by the way, I hope you know what you are getting into!!  😉

Older followers : thank you too and cheers for the support !


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