Let There Be Rock … In Koh Rok

What better plan to drag your arse away from the infinite number of beach massage parlours than to book a trip away from them?!

That is what I did indeed when I was in Koh Lanta a couple of days back, and I took a day trip to Koh Rok and Koh Na, two islands not far away.

Whilst waiting for the boat, I stumbled upon a monkey business meeting. They all looked really serious and focussed – minus two distracted monkeys. Actually reminded me of the meetings I attend in real life.

For all their fuzzy cuteness, these monkeys are actually smooth criminals, and will bite and steal your shit with no remorse!

I have heard so many tales of people ending up in hospital due to bites, and even more tales of tourists deprived of their £250 Ray Bans and £700 iPhones, now all used for monkey selfies and corporate monkey pow wows.

This is Thai Hawkeye aka Thai Jeremy Renner, one of the boat’s captains. Come on!! He does look like him…a bit?!

The ride was smooth and the sights were breathtaking. This rock is not giving a damn!

Koh Rok is pretty touristic in the sense that many tourist boats alight there to allow people to disembark and go for a swim.

There are many signs on the island, most of them to do with nature protection, others with human ass protection.

That was a bit scary to look at!

But that’s probably scarier? Ha!

Well here goes something soothing !

The trip to Koh Rok also included some snorkelling and a peak at this tiny beach (Koh Nah). I wished I had a GoPro to go underwater but instead I had my fat canon, which to be fair, did pretty well under the heat and sand attacks!

In all, this was a great day out and, as always on Thai boat trips, we all got fed and watered yummy tasty food. If you’re heading to Koh Lanta, go for it and go pro !!!

Until next time …


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