Loca In Koh Lanta : Cabin In The Woods

Have you ever turned into an all you can eat buffet for mosquitoes? I have but it is all good, because it was / is worth it! And hopefully they have ingested all the sugar I’ve been stuffing my face with (one can hope).

I am now in Koh Phangan, so time to fondly look back at Koh Lanta … which I think is my favourite island. I have been there before, and it is as I remember it : a chilled, welcoming, relaxed island.

I stayed at the Baan Lanta Resort and it was gloriously tropical, proof in pictures!

The entrance…

To access the bungalows, a steep set of stairs had to be confronted, but it made it all the more exciting, as I was really eager to see what was hiding behind them. Like the kinder surprise of holidays.

… and this was hidden on top of the stairs ! My bungalow is the one at the back. (‘was’ waaahhhh)

My cabin in the woods 😉

View from my balcony … absolutely perfect…especially for posing.

I need to talk about this little fellow … I present to you Axl Paws, the proud owner of the bungalow 😉 Axl stayed with me all 3 days I was renting his property.

Some pics from the inside of the bungalow… I love traditional hotels/resorts and honestly, this one was gorgeous as perfectly decorated.

The view at night was breathtaking and more kitties turned up, which is always a happy sight for this cat lady.

The resort’s restaurant was lovely and had view on the beach – as well as yummy tasty cocktails. The bar saw me coming. What a surprise!

View at night :

This is the path to access the beach from the restaurant. Not to be attempted after cocktails!

The beach was so calm…

The beach itself has a couple of restaurants and bars and my favourite was the Why Not Bar … live music and cocktails? Yes please ! AND they played Metallica ! YEAH!!!

I bought this book in the airport as I was unfortunately born with “GiveAFuckItus”. Over the last 10 years or so, I have been battling this disease, and I can say that Sarah Knight’s books ( You Do You especially) have been helpful.

These are some photos of the area surrounding the resort … as it is the case everywhere in Thailand , there is the mandatory Seven Eleven store, the massage parlour and the tattoo shop !

This is it for part one of Koh Lanta! I have so much to write about this island and my days there but my iPad is dying so I’ll stop here and carry on later.

Kapunka for reading !

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