Playing With Fire in Koh Lanta

Today, I am like the literary Ozzy Osbourne : I am unable to write anything other than my name (and I even had to get that sorted via autocorrect!), and I feel like the only words I can mutter are either “this is fuckin’ beautiful” or “What the fuck is this ant doing in my bosom?” .

Actually, I don’t sound that elaborate. More like ” fuuuuuuuck!”, cue bitchslapping of own body to make the ant jiggle.

However, my mind is fried in a happy way – I cannot complain !

So here are some pictures from a beach fire show I attended tonight in Koh Lanta : I was so impressed by the fearless kid! Personally, when I see a barbecue flaming too hard, I shy away like a Victorian prude seeing a kneecap for the first time.

Written madness will resume once I sober up from my bark at the sun episode today ( I went under the sun between 12 and 2, clever girl!)

I hope this warmed you up a bit, I heard it’s snowing everywhere?!

Mmmm might extend my trip…who needs savings when am saving on heating right now? 😉


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