A One Woman Gang In Ao Nang

I have been travelling solo since I became of legal age – and was legally allowed to avoid people. Harsh? Maybe, but after having been suffocated for most of my teen years, being able to escape and indulge in exotic escapades (starting in tropical Leicester, UK!) has always been a blessing.

I just love the freedom that comes with travelling solo – and this is not only about the freedom of farting or deciding which statue to do a gangnam style pose in front of ; I am a loner by nature, so to extend that beyond the confines of my mundane life is natural to me. It anchors me to life. Like, I totally relate to this boat below ! (snapped this fellow in the Andamana Resort)

Of course, I love going on a trip with friends but to do a solo escapade when life gets to you is … priceless. [actually worth a 3 months contract travelling down the worst train line in the UK and being surrounded by plastic dildos].

This is my second time in Thailand, and I decided to bypass Bangkok and Fuckit (I hate Phuket) to head straight to Ao Nang in the Krabi Province, to then head to Koh Lanta, Koh Phangan and Had Yao. This post will be about this first leg of the trip.

Not far from Ao Nang, there is a private beach called Andamana resort which I decided to pay a visit to. This was organised through my hotel, as they have a shuttle bus for taking their customers to this resort. One word and one emoji to describe the place : peace ✌🏼 !

It was very relaxing and calming. Case in point : no grimace spotted!

To be honest, It is definitely not the best beach I have been to in Thailand and elsewhere (I love to rock but I hate rocks and stones) but for the empty factor it’s good. Introverts, this is your kinda beach! [if ye like a rocky path] After the chilling out bit, always comes the hungry bit ! I opted for not a chicken pad thai, and it was tasty … especially with the accompanying mango daiquiri!

And of course, like the masked crusader with a bikini, I am leaving my mark for 5 minutes of Thai fame !

So that was it about this beach!

Now how about Ao Nang itself? Well to be perfectly honest, it is just like any other touristic place in Thailand or elsewhere.

See for yourself !

This was quite funny in a dark way, initially it read like a menu : fancy murder or assault for dinner luv? Same price innit! And of course, I have a silly humour so i do love me some bad Engrish 😉

A Thai hearse and a Thai tuk tuk : transportation for the living and the dead is catered for in one (blurry)shot … the hearse was speeding!!

The tourist and thunderella’s trap … I do like wandering around and buying crap. In any country really.

This might be good for my next job? Mmmm….

Best. Pancakes. Ever.

As I scheduled it to be, the first few days of this trip were mainly to relax and be a poseur by the pool (gotta be done once in your life!!!). Indeed, this area isn’t the best for sightseeing ( saying that you can do boat trips from pretty much anywhere in Thailand) but THAT POOL though !!!

Now am on my way to some more relaxing and posing – and sightseeing because I’d like to think I am a cultivated poseur [still reeling at the peeps who asked for chips in a classic Thai restaurant] in Koh Lanta.


*see you soon 🙂

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