Gothin’ In Sunshine

As this is being posted, I have successfully managed to recover from my flight ‘Bugger Off 666‘ to Aonang, Thailand, however I am also trying to digest a hefty pad krakow gai. Thank Goth for black clothes!

Over the last 3 days, I had to refrain myself from constantly ordering pad Thai as I’m obsessed with that dish (my Ubereats history is like a pad thai stalker’s map) – so I am proud to have beaten the addiction. And replaced it with another.

A lot has happened over the next few days, so I am going to do a double post, one which is about private gothin’ bitchin’ and the other about private gothin’ beachin’ !

🦇Fashion Goth Notes🦇: Most of the stuff I bought for the holiday cost me less than £10! The only items which go over that are the accessories; and that’s how I usually work out my outfits. Who says goths can’t rock the summer?Outfit links below.

I am wearing an £8 swimsuit from Emp, and an £8 dress from boohoo … which is now £6. Glasses are also on sale from Disturbia The necklaces are from Wonderlandmc. Check out my blog post about them!

Sandals are from Now £10!

I am in love with this tulle skirt from Forever21. Been using it for a lot of pics and cost me £15 or £19. I love layers… even in the summer! The tank is from primark and cost £3, necklace is from Killstar and now is £7.99!

Finally, this is random as hell but I want to rep this lipstick from Primark, from their matte range – it even destroys editing software! I love lipstick and their matte range is awesome, got a purple one as well.That’s it for the fashion bitch 😉 stay tuned for the fashion beach 🌊 🌴 🍹!

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