Lemmy Krabitz: First Bits of Me in Krabi

… Sawasdee Ka from Thailand!

Yes, I made it abroad and I am serving you with the cheesiest title since “The Spaghetti Incident” … sorry, I’m gonna blame this one on the 13 hours flight, and the utter lack of sleep over the last few days (I actually went to an interview on the same day – hangover πŸ˜…).

The actual flight wasn’t so bad (I flew with TUI), but I am still gastronomically frustrated by the decision to serve a slimey roast dinner for the meal and a sad sausage and beans for breakfast! Outrage! TUI: Who wants a reminder of what they are leaving behind whilst they are stuck in a pressurised fart can?! I almost thought I took the wrong plane and was heading to Carlisle instead of Krabi.

…That was until the plane hit the tarmac, and the humidity hit my mane, giving me enough frizz to cover all Jackson five members. I freaked out a little as it rained a fair bit, but it has calmed down now.

I am doing a little bit of Thailand hopping over the next few days, and I decided to splash my budget in the first four days on a villa with a private pool. It sounds expensive but it wasn’t actually, especially considering the size of the property, amazing pool and privacy. I will do a round up and pricing post after the trip.

In the mean time, here is my abode for the next 4 days !

This is the entrance to the villa. There are 24 hour patrols and I think they were freaked out by the music I was playing on my iPad whilst I was in the pool. A lady kept yelling through the bushes “Ma’am! Ma’am! Are you ok?”. I was, but she probably thought Blackie from W.A.S.P was having a fit.

The living room with kitchen at the back. Comes with free coffee and teas, as well as free bottled water (do NOT drink tap water in Thailand or you’ll end up with an internal tsunami!).

The bedroom – gigantic!

I was really worried about the weather (as you can see, a ritual to Mary Poppins was happening when I took the pics), but it eventually stopped and I was able to splash about privately, with my iPad in the background and safety patrols freaking out – which, in hindsight, is a good sign right?!

After the dreadful airplane food, I was screaming for vengeance – and got myself this tasty meal for Β£7, which is amazing considering this is room service and it was absolutely delicious. New mantras: “Chicken satay : every day!” And ” I am a magpie for chicken pad Thai “!

I was so eager to go to the pool, that i didnt digest properly (bad bad bad) so I went in there bloated, but more cheerful than a hippo in its natural habitat. Swimming brings a lot of peace (and I was secretly praying for some calorie burning !)

Swimming in the pool at night – it is pretty cool until you hear some weird mammals screeching in the night!

I don’t know what i am doing tomorrow, but whatever it is, it will be much better than me bitching about my London neighbours, don’t you agree? πŸ˜…


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  1. Hehe! Enjoy yourself dear! You deserve it!❀⚘🀘🏼🀘🏼🀘🏼🀘🏼☺

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