Say My Name (With Custom Bling)

… haaaang on I am only joking! Celebrity Alzheimer has not kicked off ! And don’t worry, I remember my name by looking at the bills coming my way everyday. *ba-dum tiss*

However, I have a question for you.

I am assuming most of you know the number of the Beast … but do you know the name of the Beast?

Well, you would, if the Beast had been as clever as me and gotten himself a name necklace ! 😉




As you may have gathered, I LOVE jewellery. In fact, if you come visit my new flat, you may inadvertently come out of it decked like a knight in shining armour – however you’d be dressed to fight extra kilos instead of barbarians.


I have loads – Gothic Mister T levels. But I whilst I have always lusted after people’s custom bling, I had never taken the plunge regarding my own personalised bling.


This all changed in 2018, and I got this glorious ‘@Thunderella” 925 sterling silver necklace off the personalized jewellery section of Ineffabless’ website.



They have upped their game since my last necklace, this time the necklace came in a beautiful box, with its own pouch, a gift bag and a wipe to clean the jewellery. Really fab, thinking this could make a great gift. Prices start at £20 so good news!



A blog post wouldn’t be complete without a mandatory picture or two of me peacocking away 😉




Another thing which springs to mind : if you decide to do a Prince and change your name to a symbol, rest assured that you will be able to do it – check the name necklace section for yourself!



So, are you cultivating your uniqueness?




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  1. Love your necklace! Love the font, and also, the width is just perfect–it sits just right below your neck. Bravo! I love jewelry too — although I tend to buy less and wear the same thing for years in a row until it falls apart lol. My sister made me a necklace with my name written in my Dad’s handwriting, which I found super sweet and super special.

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