Back in Black, Bye Bye Setbacks!

If the second half of my 2017 had an echo, it would sound like ‘wah wah wah wah wah waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah’, all the way up until December 31st 2017, 23:58.

Gloom, misery, thirst for KFC … you name it, I was feeling it. And not loving it.

But then, Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson came in and sang to meTWO! Minutes! To Miiiiiiidnight…!and prompted me to “kill for gain or shoot to maim“.

Then, at 00:15, January 1st, Judas Priest’s Rob Halford came to sing to me about Living After Midnight …and he added that I should “set my sights and then home in.

No, I am not a schizophrenic me(n)talhead, but I basically spent New Year’s Day listening to music, trying to lift my mood from the bottom of the buttery pack of croissants it was simmering in.

And it worked. I finished the croissants and, whilst my bottom went further down and sideways (the laws of booty gravity do not play), my spirits went up. No alcohol involved!

Instead, I would like to share some mantras and tips for a successful 2018, especially if you are plagued by the Malicious D’s, aka Depression & Dickheads.

Outfit details are at the bottom of the post 🙂

1) Do Not Allow People to Make Comparisons & Do Not Compare Yourself to Others


I never compare myself to others because I literally do not give a damn. My aim is to be a better, happier, more liberated version of myself.  HOWEVER, I have had the “sister” issue, where people try to compare me to what is meant to be ‘normal’ or “acceptable / accepted” behaviour. This is usually done in an underhanded way, through backhanded querying and destabilisation. And?

No Justification Needed ! I Live For Me ! 

*Puts on Madonna Voice*

Don’t Cry for Me Motherfuckaaaaaaas!

The truth is I don’t give a shiiiiit

All through my wild days

My mad existence

I kept my promise

Go keep your distance!

(very liberating, try it with this backing track!)

2) Check Your Attitude To Life & Keep Your Attitude in Check


Yeah I know, I know …  I am the person who moans and write posts more dramatic than the Metallica boys’ haircuts. But that is the point, we are human, and unlike the bullshit we are fed through social media, it is ok to have bad days and even to moan about it. In fact, I encourage you to do it and bother someone with it. If they are a true friend they will uplift you and turns things around. Hell, I will!

It is important to notice when your mind is taking you to dark places. It is a trip which is hard to return from unscathed; just like a Ryanair plane’s toilets. The moment you notice it, is the moment you should speak up and act like your own border control ! Be like the meanest border control officer, and question the trip : Why are you going there? Who is taking you there? Can you [your sanity] afford to go there?! What is the purpose of the trip?

And don’t forget to reject the trip!

3) Have A Strong Support System – System of an Up !


…And by ‘strong’, I don’t mean 1209 Facebook “friends”. I mean the one or two people who will be there for you. Like Bon Jovi.

I urge you to actually make a pact with someone, and not assume someone will be there when things go south of heaven. It happened to me back in 2017, and it was an extremely disappointing experience. On the plus side, I had people other than the ones I assumed would be there, who scalded me for not reaching out to them and made me promise to do so. Why didn’t I call them? Because we never really discussed it and I assumed my other “friends” would be there.

So go ahead and make a pact with one person!! Not the Devil please 😉

4) Unleash Yourself and Your Potential (because no-one else will)


Do you like writing? Do you like singing? Do you like dressing up and sashaying around the streets of London whilst struggling with a tripod and wind blowing up your arse? DO IT !

If something makes you feel warm and fuzzy, or entertained for hours … then just keep doing it to the max! Schedule it in your phone, write reminders, or turn your phone off and have ago at it. Because one day, you will end up like a shrivelled shrimp and the only sashaying that will happen will be the one from the saggy boobs or bollocks (yes,I have male readers)!

5) Look Anxiety In The Face


My mind is like a Formula One racetrack, and some days I am Michael Schumacher pre-accident, some days post (I know not very nice but it’s the best way I can explain it!). Meaning? in both cases, I end up paralysed – and actually, paralyse myself which prevents me from doing things because a,b,c,x,y,z, Theresa May, cellulite, travelcard, cinnamon bun … ALL sorts of random shit basically.

The key is to use the border control technique again : Notice and stop the thoughts; to then become productive. Then, sing ‘Dont Cry For Me Motherfuckas‘ outloud!

6) Ignore the Bullshit


Bullshit takes many shapes and forms. And all of us are faced with it one way or another. I find that the most peaceful way and most mentally sound way to deal with it is to ignore it.

It makes the source of bullshit seethe with rage, and it leaves you as peaceful as Buddha in a jacuzzi. Honestly, when you are faced with stupidity or irritation, rationalise in your mind the source and size of the bullshit. Is it worth acknowledging something or someone who is looking for trouble? Do you feed Gremlins after midnight? Nope !

7) Be Focused


If you start a venture, or make plans, make sure you take action towards it and keep focused. Because not doing so will open you up to feelings of self inflicted disappointment. You will look back in 6 months and whine about time lost (autobiographical lol) because you said you would do X, Y, Z and did not do it.

I am reverting this trend this year by having pre-booked trips and started a schedule for events I want to attend. Do it! You can get satisfaction, unlike what Mick Jagger says 😉

8) Build Your Confidence & Assertiveness


You wear the captain’s hat in your life, so it is time to drive the motherfucking plane. And don’t let any snakes on the motherfucking plane this year !! 😉

9) Keep Active


As you can see from these photos, I have not set my foot in the gym for the last 6 months …EEEEK ! But I try to go out for walks for now. Once I am back from Thailand, I will be visiting regularly my local sweat emporium. And not because I am a vain goth from the block.

… But because I suffer from depression, and I MUST make an effort to be active, even if it is just to go out get a bag of powdered donuts ! I put my headphones on and get some fresh air, for at least 30 minutes. Honestly, it works WONDERS on the mood and sleep.

I encourage you to make it a daily routine!

10)Finally ……Be YOU !


As Oscar Wilde said : Be Yourself; Everyone Else Is Taken!

Not only that, but we do not get a chance at going somewhere back in time (Somewhere In Time, great Iron Maiden album!), so why waste time ?! UNLEASH YOURSELF !!!

So, what are YOUR ways of tackling this new year?

Love & Fake Leather,



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