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Oi Royal Bank of Scotland ! I did warn you with the help of my friend Robert Halford of Judas Priest that ‘Some Heads Are Gonna Roll’. So why all the fuss about my latest spending spree??

[Reader tip for 2018 : when any customer service starts pissing you off, blast ‘Some Heads Are Gonna Roll’ down the phone. This usually sorts things out.]

Yes my friends, I have discovered an online alternative and gothic jewellery shop called Wonderlandmc  … and so many heads rolled (Queen Elizabeth the Orange, Queen Elizabeth the Green, Queen Elizabeth the Purple … this broad is like a fucking Power Rangers), that my bank was wondering if I had caught a case of the monetary Tourettes – uninterrupted, unashamed spending for half a day.

notes british.jpg

The only thing I am going to respond to this is : “Fuck Yes I did ma’am”, as I am absolutely in love and proud of my new bling. The second half of 2017 went 50 shades too dark, so a little bit of shine in the shape of skulls and spikes was necessary … It is all spiritual you see :

You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body. Put bling on it.

Buddha feat Beyonce

A few things about Wonderlandmc :

  • All orders are made-to-order after your online purchase;
  • The bling comes all the way from Montecarlo so you can pretend you belong to Goth Bourgeoisie, mes chers;
  • All items are carefully packaged and come with some cool business cards.

….Now to my bling !!!!!

Skull Rosary with a Lightning Bolt (€30)


Light yet sturdy, feminine and badass, I love this rosary so much I even get halos in my pictures!


Large Pentagram Choker (€25)


Fits perfectly and does not disturb the headbanging. Excellent !


Skull Choker with Spikes


Love this choker, the only thing which is slightly annoying is that the skull seems to perpetually want to re-enact the Exorcist, and keeps doing a 360. I guess this can be fixed by adjusting the positioning though. (Ps : i am lazy).


Lightning Bolt and Spikes Earrings, Marilyn Manson Inspired (€20)

Earrings that do not make your ears feel like an overblinged Christmas tree? Check. Earrings with a proper locking mechanism, ensuring they do not end up anywhere but on your ear? Check. And most of all : earrings to make you feel like The Beautiful People? YAS!


That’s it for now folks. I say ‘for now’, because in mi casa, the Bling never stops flowing really, hehe *rubs hands in glee but struggles cos too many rings*

In any case, I highly recommend paying a visit to Wonderlandmc, they have so much to offer, in all styles. I am forcing myself not to go on the website as I know my debit card number by heart, and it is a very slippery slope to another 10 necklaces and 8 pair of earrings…(for the purpose of “healing” and “treating yoself”of course).

I really cannot afford it as I am busy preparing for a trip to Thailand in less than 10 days … and um…oh yeah and I bought stuff for that trip too … oops!

I am looking forward to chilling out in Thailand, in the meantime I am sure London will give me plenty to faff about online 😉

Until then, muchos besos y bling bling!




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