Welcome Home (Sanitarium) : Depression in Memes

So in this blog, I aim to be really honest about everything in my life : be it the Glitter Goth dress up bits, the Stinky Struggles or the Random Raving Rants of Rage.

Granted, there hasn’t been any fun dress up bits for a while, but this is probably for the best as I am currently looking and feeling like Marilyn Manson circa Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese

I am currently in France, where my family is based, and whilst I have been wanting to turn this trip into a cool photographic trip, sadly it hasn’t been possible, due to various reasons – including but not limited to:

– Zeus deciding to Let it go, Let it gooooooo in the skies of Pariswith a special feature of ‘it’s Raining Men’ included. Basically, it has been raining like there is no tomorrow in Paris, and, on top of that, there has been plenty of thievery happening and random dodgy dudes lurking. I didn’t feel like getting my camera out.

– My family being like the Addams Family, but imagine Morticia and Gomez constantly trying new tricks to take each other out. And I am Wednesday Addams, post graduation and jaded by corporate life.

–  My actual world feeling like Dante’s Inferno rather than Disco Inferno, yet people not understanding the inner turmoil and pushing me to just ‘smile’ or ‘forget about it’.

In those states,  I will not / cannot smile. No one wants to see The Joker : The Prozac Years.

I really do wish people would educate themselves before dismissing someone’s feelings because that person smiles (or pretends to smile) 99% of the time.

For reference, these are things which may occur to a human who suffers from depression … And of course, they may seem over the top and dramatic to you, but that is the issue, this is very internalised and huge in the sufferers minds. Still, am trying to keep it light hearted with a few memes. There is a meme for everything, and errybody loves memes, right?

1) The Realisation That Their Current Existence Has No Meaning  

2)  The Realisation That Their Existence Has A Meaning : Pain & Suffering

3) The Need for Self Inflicted Isolation & Subsequent Anti-Social Excuses

4) The Realisation That The “I Am Only Interested When I Need Something Crowd” Is Galore

5) The Friendly But Totally Unrealistic Advice Which Makes Things Worse

6) The Desperation Reaching Buddha, Jesus and Satan – but They’re All Too Busy Partying

7) The Wonderful Lonely Nightly Debates 

8) The Equally Wonderful Mornings Following The Smashing Nights

9) The Feeble Attempts at Organising The Mess

10) The Attempts at Humour No one Gets

On that last one : I love it because music is actually what saves me through and through, and I absolutely love that song as a mood uplifter, ironically.

In a nutshell, I feel like I will have to roll my eyes all the way to the Garden of Eden if I hear that goddamn sentence once again … Believe me, I am not being ungrateful, I just really dislike the way people treat mental illness. Would people tell someone with 3rd degree burns to get over the pain? No, but this is exactly what is happening and it is not ok.

On this note, I am going to get over it and …


💋 💋 💋 

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