The Skeletons in (My)Paris Closet : A Gothic Edit of the Catacombs

** Trigger warning : the post below contains a hefty dose of skulls, skulls, skulls and more skulls, along with a lashing of verbal happy darkness. Proceed at your own peril, and do not eat cheese before bedtime, or the skulls may come and dance the bongo in your dreams ! **

***The author declines any responsibility for any Hamletting which may occur in your household following the reading of this post ***

Actual Post:

It is no secret that I haven’t been feeling great lately. Work has taken the last breath of me, my neighbours have kidnapped the Buddhist in me (and replaced it with a Sumo), and I haven’t been able to do what I love – which is rocking and lolling.

So. What was the best thing I could do today to pick up my mood?

Surround myself with artefacts of death, decay and mortality of course !! *ba-dum-tiss*

Actually, I have now found that facing your mortality is one of the best way to become alive again! But please don’t read this as an invitation to stare Death in the face in a game of muffin roulette; I have tried and all I gained was 15 kilos.

So let me take you on a free journey (I paid 13 euros, here’s your freebie reader!lol ) and explain myself. I am taking you to Les Catacombes de Paris, located opposite Denfert-Rochereau station. Les Catacombes are ossuaries which house the remains of approximately 6 million Parisians. The Catacombs were fitted out in the galleries of former quarries and are sitting 20 metres underground- you need to go down 130 steps to get to them! Remains were gradually moved out underground due to Parisian cemeteries literally bursting. The network which is open to the public is only just over a mile long; but trust that the tunnels are way longer than that.

In fact, to be perfectly honest, more of the galleries have been closed since the last time I haunted the place as a ghoulish teen, some 15 years ago. This is all due to the illegal raves and parties which have seen the Catacombs being defaced, and in some cases irreversibly damaged. Where are zombies when you need them to wake up??

I have however enjoyed my visit today, and thoroughly felt divine giving life to the dead through photo editing ! [yes I am a drama queen].

All pics below have been taken and edited by me, all rights reserved. I will put non edited pics in my gallery at a later stage.

It always starts with a long tunnel doesn’t it?Sometimes, in life the signs are there but we cannot read them or understand them at the time…… But never mind, we carry on and keep walking towards something…It can be a long, dark alley but the promise of the unexpected keeps us going !The Unknown is scary but will remain scary until it becomes Known. For instance, I was offered at age 16 the opportunity to join a band, and I never called the girl back as I was just stuck in my own head and never had confidence in myself to go forward. There are only two things I regret in my entire life and this is one of them. Moral of (her)story? FACE THE UNKNOWN! ( in da face)I remember that all I saw when she asked me to meet the rest of the girls, was this : barriers.

Little did I know that there is always a way to break or go around barriers…
…oh yeah, by the way, have you read my blog post about funny Parisian Street signs? 😉“Stop! This is the empire of death

I equated this to the number of times I have stopped myself from doing things for stupid reasons – when really, none of the things I wanted to do were going to be life or death threatening matters, yet felt that way due to goddamn anxiety and overthinking. I am my worst enemy in so many ways, and it is incredibly sad when I think about it. People don’t understand it, but self-sabotage is real and very difficult to manage.
Will you waste more years not achieving things? Years pile up fast. And Ferrero Rocher in my suitcase too . Damn it!

Somehow along the way, no matter where, we do find love. As you can see, it can take different shapes! (No Ed Sheehan reference please)

Just like these ladies and gents, you may move house or be forced to move house, but a house can always turn to a home if you want to. And if your neighbours aren’t*^%#<?$¥|> *wink wink fist fist to flat 1*

The path is long and arduous…
… but eventually gets straight !
I am not religious but I am spiritual, and so I do have faith. I believe in karma and in being positive … it helps. Especially when all you wanna do sometimes is curse someone to Saturn via Pluto and back.I love this : “Where is Death? Always future or past. As soon as she is here, she is no more”The unexpected always pops up unexpectedly. I have met some incredible people in my time, and the best ones with whom I’ve forged long relationships, I have met totally randomly.I am a Goth at heart, but I glow in the dark 😉

So this means : ” For me, death is a win“. It made me think of rebirth. Death doesn’t have to be physical… how about the new “Me” or the new “You”.
This is brilliant and so true : ” In Death, we leave everything“. That’s why I tend to spend money on travelling and other experiences… I won’t take it with me in the grave … I expect to be knocking on heaven’s door with zero cash !!Death made its way into the world due to the devil’s malice ” No comment as I can’t check this with him, he’s too busy loving Metal.

Walk this way !
The signs are loud and clear…Mark your territory and stick to it or you may end up lost…
This is cool looking but you know what? It represents merging into a mass, and I hate that. The individuals are sacrificed for the benefit of the mass … (thanks for the pic though peeps!) I really can’t stand today’s culture of averageness.
Another alley with the Unknown at the end…
This is my homeboy/gal!! Standing out proud;-)
Unless the wheat within the ground dies, it isn’t fruitful; if it does die, it produces plenty “
So time to think about reinventing eh? After all, Madonna has done it more times than bloody cats and their 9 lives, so why not us mortals? 🙂

Until next time!


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