Gallivanting Gallic Goth : Paris in Street Signs

Who said that Parisians weren’t funny ?!

Actually, they’re not, and you have the ultimate proof with that post title: yes,I went there, trying to rhyme like a Snoop Doggy (French) Poodle.

Non, je ne regrette rien!

Did you know that I was originally going to name my blog “The Gallivanting Goth“? That was until I realised that I was only gallivanting from the printer to the scanner, and that no-one was going to be interested in reading about an office goth rocking between two pieces of corporate furniture … So I created “Belle Out Of Hell“, which is about an office goth gallivanting from the printer to the scanner, decked in the finest alternative bargains, and moaning about all sorts of stuff online.

Anyway, since I am now actually gallivanting somewhere exotic (😂), I feel I can finally live up to that name!

*does the French cancan*<<
today's theme is light hearted – I went for a stroll from the 13th district of Paris all the way to Saint Michel and Notre Dame. It is actually not a very long distance, as compared to London, Paris is quite compact – like the Angus Young of European capitals.

I got struck (no thunder involved) by a few funny signs and cool murals, which I have decided to share : hope you enjoy as much as I did – I managed to not get my phone stolen, which is truly a feat in Paris (sadly).

When I saw this stop sign, my inner Diana Ross started belting out “stop! In the naaaaaame of love”

Yes, I have an inner Diana Ross!

This cracked me up because you literally cannot see the sign anymore – and I was totally gonna do a Stevie Wonder or an Ace of Base joke, but both were crap. I told you – Parisians are not funny!

is needs some explanation – not for the cracked vinyl (I pray to God it was a Kiss vinyl), or the skull – but the street name literally translates to “the street of the fishing cat” or “the street of the cat who fishes“.  Whoever did this : genius.

is made me cackle : this graffiti basically says " I don’t know how to do graffiti“. Genius number two in the streets of Paris!

P: no explanation needed : pretty cool, no?!

is is dedicated to my favourite Greek person !

is photo is not funny per se but I do love the contrast between old building and the graffiti at the top.

, I had to sneak in just to prove I am actually there, and not photoshopping my arse into pictures like people on instagram (which is absolutely hilarious)!!

course, as a true Gallivanting Gallic Goth, mama had to sneak in a Gothic edition of Notre Dame de Paris !

you know how French cats sound? "Miaou ". I am not joking !

ot the intruding smiley 😉 I drowned the photo in yellow to fool you. Machiavelic, moi?! Jamais!

-daaaaaa! Love how this restaurant caters to all tastes : French, Italian and halal. Oh la la! Well played Oulala!


hat’s it for now folks!  I am planning a lot of outings, including the hidden spots of Paris, the Pere Lachaise cemetery and other cool areas, so I am saying a bientot 🙂


Fun Paris Travel Trip

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