Ice Ice City & Tales of Southern (Dis)comfort

A few days ago, the country known as the United Kingdom came to a standstill. This glorious nation, home to illustrious inventions such the steam train and passenger railway (this will become relevant later) as well as my beloved crumpets, just completely descended in disbelief and chaos as Zeus dropped a few slushies from the sky.

Yes my dears, it snowed, and in London, it was like hell had frozen over. But it is okay because it was colder than Moscow so it is not that embarrassing. Apparently.


Yeah right.

.Putin Meets With Merkel In Berlin

Was this natural phenomenon (which I understand to be typically expected at that time of the year *duh*) that bad to warrant the utter bollocks and misery I went through?

Are the people who are dreaming of a white Christmas actually talking about white wine? Because I sure as hell don’t understand the amount of misery and element of surprise this seems to have triggered all over.

I leave you to judge for yourself by these pictures I took in Regent’s Park, on the days before and after ‘Ice Ice City‘.

Whilst you peruse these pics, I will grab myself a drink before getting to the second half of the post (the ranty bit).


If Thrash Metal was a tree…regents-4

…If Black Metal was a tree !regents-5

This fellow seemed happy and was rocking the horns (🤘) #representregents-6

This little dude was hilarious, he kept posing and smizing harder than Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell combined. #werkregents-8

The next pics are too pretty for smutty captions.regents-10



regents-18 regents-20 regents-21

I hope you have enjoyed these pictures of London’s Regents Park under the evil, tortuous snow? 😉

Because heeeeeeere cooooooomes the rant !!

 My regular readers may have noticed a lack of general posting (and posing) of my vain self, decked in various gothic and alternative attire?  Reasons?


As I said on my Facebook : if Hell had a rail network, it would be Southern Railway. Don’t even bother about the Highway, AC/DC was telling lies.

This is what I have been faced with every single day for the last 3 months :


Due to Southern Railway’s complete incompetency and inability to run their network, I have had to travel 4 hours + to get to and back from work 4 out out of 5 working days…Why?

Typical Southern Rail excuses : A leaf has made its way onto the tracks [Sept to Nov]; the tracks are wet because it has rained [Nov to June] ; the tracks are too hot [June to Sept];  a ghost train is missing its driver [on loan at the local ghost ride’s funfair] …  All this has been leaving my boss thinking I was cocking up my arrival to work on purpose everyday and making it up. UGH. Southern, Bellend Express.

Talking about bosses and cocks.

Reason Numero (Dil)dos : Hard (As a Rock) Project

These are genuine pictures of my work colleagues over the last 3 months.  To be fair, the project wasn’t hard, everything else was (pun intended) ! Only two days left and I will wave good bye to this project. So I am glad to be finishing up and starting afresh in 2018.


I am genuinely annoyed at not having been able to do my normal posting, so please bear with me until I extricate myself of dildo-land and defrost my frozen spirit!

I am going to be in Paris from this weekend onwards, so pics should be fun as I am going to cover Gothic Paris 😉

Until next time!

Ice, Ice Kisses,


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