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[Sidenote paragraph which has nothing to do with the main content of the post, but is cathartic to the neurotic writer]

So I just came back from a shopping trip on Oxford Street. I literally just parked my things and myself on my comfy booty chair for a hot minute, when karmic retribution occurred from the depths of my ´demented and cemented’ nemesis’ lair (ie psychopathic neighbours from downstairs).

They started screaming at each other so loudly and vehemently, that my initial reaction was “F*** !! They heard me fart ! And now they are bickering about who is going to come make me un-fart !!!


It turns out it wasn’t that. Yeah I know, disappointing right?

Nevertheless, I was very tempted to put on the smuggest annoyed face, sashay down the stairs, tap on my watch (18:51!!), and demand that they argue in silence, because don’t you know, it is the week for stupid requests and I can oblige as well, especially at 18:51!

The actual topic of this post is not farts and psychopaths, but a rather mundane – but oh so satisfying shopping trip and assorted weekend shenanigans.  First of all, it is fashion haul time, with bits garnered from a shop called Reserved and from Forever21.

I walked past this shop a few times, but never really made it in until today. And I made up for time lost!

I am loving this jacket and bag both from Reserved. The bag is really cool and was £14.99. Jazzy enough for an evening out but also chilled enough for casual flashiness.

studded biker jacket bag
Twisted Biker

This studded biker jacket is £59.99 and fits excellently! It is well worth the price, as I have seen and tried many of these and they usually are either too tacky (like seriously, what kinda street cred do you want me to have with an iron on patch that says ‘cute but psycho’? Some things gotta be kept secret!)

FullSizeRender 73

PS: (I will resume photographing my non-dainty self properly once I rid myself of my remaining germs)

Then comes this Thunder Tee, £5.99. This is going to look sweet with a long black tulle skirt methinks?


In case you haven’t noticed, I am obsessed with the jacket! Underneath lives a Lynyrd Skynyrd tee shirt from Forever21 – emblazoned with one of my favourite songs ever : FREEBIRD.  The t-shirt is now £7.

Additionally, I got some bits for work which scream : I might be a corporate slave, but you can kiss my shiny metal bits!

IMG_2874 2

Both £14.99 from Reserved.

IMG_2872 2

Other than this happy spendy highlight of today, the rest of the week has been pretty uneventful, as I am still recovering from a silly virus which is spreading across London at the moment and making people do Formula One coughs (me included).

So that is it for today folks, I am going to leave you with a “Twisted Biker Sister” pout that will give meaning to this post title … and hopefully prompt you to listen to some Twisted Sister to remind you ” WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT”!!

IMG_2879 2

Until Next Time 🙂


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  1. You have the best fashion sense of anyone I know! 😎 I’ve always loved leather jackets. Just couldn’t ever afford a proper one.

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