Shoe Alert : Deichmann Is The Man

Hehehe did you think that just because I had a ‘wah wah‘ moment, I’d disappear off the grid? No, ma’am ! A Goth with a shoe addiction and not many fucks to give still has a mission to do !

After wah wah’ing I am always down for some woo-woo’ing.


This brand is not alternative, but I thought i’d share a couple of bargains I have made on the Deichmann website – less than £40 for two pair of boots, postage included!

I love to mix high street and alternative brands anyway, and this is a good example of how you can do it, with some tips.

Tip #1: Sweet Subscribe O’ Miiiiine

Make sure you register for new joiner newsletters to get discounts (you can always unsubscribe and sashay away afterwards). I registered with Deichmann ages ago, and I had a £5 discount off voucher sitting in my inbox. This is still valid so make sure you sign up!


Tip #2 : Shoo Shoo The Bad Shoes

Be strategic in your purchasing process. I am a shortass with a love for heights – but with the pain threshold of a toddler (wah!). I have realised the hard way that whilst I’d love to parade around in platforms all day, I cannot. On top of that, even if I wanted to, I’d probably get the Health & Safety [and Business Exorcists] brigade up in my derriere at work if I were to attend a Business Analysis meeting with some Demonia shoes.

tenor (1)

So basically, I now make sure that I get shoes I can actually wear for work and leisure.  For longer than 5 minutes. Because trust me, when I was younger I’d be stacking up so many cool looking shoes – keyword stacking –  only to wear them once, cry into an ice bucket and restack them straight back into the shoe cupboard.

…Never to be worn again by me – but by the fancy ghost of my feet, and probably the electrician who was fixing shit in my flat when I wasn’t in.


So what did I get in Deichmann?

Badass Chunky Heels / Platform Shoes!9f539bc300db4227aeb033f255b2ef5fThese shoes are SO COMFORTABLE ! And cost me only £17.49, which is an absolute bargain, considering that a lot of alternative shoe brands sell similar for the £80 mark.

Excuse my arse:


Flat Boots For My Fat Calves!d1cd70b21e674766b3a52e725766cfd3

On the rare days when I embrace my hobbit status, I need the relevant footwear to support me. And I found it for £24.99. These boots aren’t particularly fancy but I like the elasticated bit around the calf and they are perfect for dragging myself out to work and my 2 hour commute. I am sparing another picture of my thighs but they look good and are comfy!

Basically, this weekend I received a lot of the aftermath of my mad shopping spree of the week. A lot of bargains are still to be had, so hopefully will be writing up some of that over the weekend.

Happy Shopping and Don’t Forget to WOO !!!


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  1. I love Deichmann because they are actually affordable and have some great stuff there. I remember seeing knee high boots for £20 but they didnt have big feet size LOL.

    You boots rock by the way 🙂

    • Their sale is great 👍 for the size they have a widget on their site so you can locate your size in another store 🙂

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