Psychosocial : All Hope Is Not Gone

So, the reference song for this blog post is Slipknot – Psychosocial . Not only is it a great song for angry everyday activities, [angry tea drinking? PSYCHOSOCIAL! angry commuting? PSYCHOSOCIAL!, angry dish washing? PSYCHOSOCIAL!] but it felt absolutely on point for today’s post, which is about ditching and dealing with the psychosocials in my/your life.

The pictures, whilst not metal at all, are also however pointing towards that direction : Nature sheds its own bad weeds and rotten elements by itself, and so am I !

Let’s go 🙂


The Book of Revelation : Chapter of  Judascquaintances

These last two weeks have been full of revelations.  Actually, the whole of 2017 has been an eye-opener. I don’t know if you are feeling this way, Reader, but personally I am fascinated by the way things have been unwrapping before my eyes [I didn’t push my finger into my eyes though].

I have been through a lot of downs this year, and at times, been feeling very helpless. This was mostly health related as I have been quite seriously sick this year, but also people related.

But … I always try to find a positive in the negative – and it is tremendously helpful. It is a mental exercise which is now automatic for me, and I urge you to try it if your mind is also prone to headbanging within itself!

Sometimes, you will realise that the bad doesn’t come from within you, but from people around you who will siphon your energy harder than KISS have been sucking for the last 20 years.

So. How To Weed Out Natural Born Suckers?



I know right?! You would think that this would be a non-fruitful experience, as technically all your entourage should be happy for you? Actually, in my experience, it is the opposite.

First of, when I say ‘share your success’ I do not mean be an obnoxious twit – I mean literally just talking about new ventures, maybe sharing something cool that has happened. For instance, I was really jumping up and down when I got featured a few times in New Rock’s instagram’s timeline. So I shared it on Facebook – on my page. Nothing fancy at all, but a little personal accomplishment in this blogging journey.

That same day, I was due to meet some people for a gig.

Upon arriving at the venue, I literally got jumped upon by them, eyed up and down, and within two minutes of arriving this is how the conversation went down.

“Ugh, why do you these photos for? Why? Why are you blogging?Are you still with your boyfriend? I think I have this dress you’re wearing ”  cue 10+ other assorted questions

I had not seen this person for over 6 months, and this was the first flurry of questions they asked me when I met them. Talk about priorities, eh?

So many people are stuck within their own inadequacies, that they project their failure to live fully their own lives into others.  I have always been an advocate of my life, my rules, and I have lived by it for over 10 years now. This, however rubs some people the wrong way, because they would rather see you miserable [as they are], rather than celebrate success. I will never forget the look of disappointment when I said “everything is fine and I am moving to a new flat“.

I have noticed that this is a big thing in London, where people use others as crutches for their own problems. I consider myself extremely lucky to have a tight circle of friends and I thank the Universe for helping me sift the diamonds from the plastic turds [special mention to my diamonds Lisa, Temi, Christiane, Dikla, Nina ! Turds … are nameless by nature,innit?]



When you’re about to sneeze fuckers away 😀

Nah just kidding, but in times of sickness, I have found it interesting to see who dismissed me with a one liner and who genuinely asked if I was ok.  I have had to pull out of some events (gigs etc) because I was going to A&E everyday at some point. But I have also been feeling low some days, because depression does like to come back when it sees fit (another post for that).

One time, I politely excused myself from an evening outing as on the very same morning I was in A&E with an oxygen mask plonked on my face, and had spent 4 hours trying to breathe.

Judasacquaintance response : “ugh,ok, that’s annoying”.

My response – with Darth Vader voice:

*breathes in*Go

*breathes out* Fuck 

*breathes in* Yourself.

Health first people !!!!! Unless what matters the most to these people is the selfie they’ll take as soon as they get to the gig? Ummm… Yes, I thought so.


Sometimes, you will just need to let things and people reveal themselves for who they are.  You might be disappointed, shocked and annoyed for a bit and that is ok.

But count your blessings. Because it is better to see the true nature of people now rather than later – no-one wants to be surrounded by hypocrites and cowards for a lifetime.

Natural side eye

So I thank everyone who has come to my life – because I have learnt from you all : things I want to do better, and things I don’t want anymore in my life. 

Like liars, weaklings and incense scented unwashed asses. Ugh.

[PS: if i don’t get my full deposit back from my old place, someone’s badly scented’ self is gonna get an invoice lol]

Full Frontal Good Bye!

In a nutshell : When life throws a zesty fruit at you, let it turn sour and keep sweet!

With Autumnal Blessings and some pics from Regent’s Park !



Alternative Fashion Day Out Frenemies Friends Lifestyle London Photoshoot

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  1. 😎😎 It’s late here. Need sleep…lol. 10 minutes to midnight. (Iron Maiden reference there) \m/ Very interesting observations! Keep on being awesome thunderella!

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