Urban Dreams : Hit The London Lights

As a self-confessed Glow-in-the-Dark-Gothโ„ข,ย there is nothing that elates my dark heart more than this time of the year.


Because not only all my council tax payments are on glorious electrical display in the streets of London, but also because I am able to walk around in the dark with a camera-without looking like a pervert or a fan-girl trying to sneak peak a rockstar.


These are some snaps I took in Carnaby Streetย  & Oxford Street last week. The theme in Carnaby Street is very tropical and gave me serious beach envy. I settled for a liquid S*x on the Beach instead (see, I am nice, I am avoiding triggering your work alert for dodgy Internet shenanigans !).

Hope you enjoy!!

carnabay2018 carnabay2018-7

Is it wrong to admit that when I saw this patch of sequin grass, ‘Dancing on the ceiling‘ popped in my head ?


Don’t worry, this was promptly replaced by ‘Freebird’ by Lynyrd Skynyrd upon seeing this cool birds.

carnabay2018-9 carnabay2018-10

This chick does more exercise than I do. Literally, she is stationary walking all day and night – jealous of her luminous gluteus!carnabay2018-4

Okay, this blog is heavily oriented towards rock and roll and fashion … How could I not post this?? MAMA WANTS !!!


…And for mama to get, well she’s going to have to help herself to some dosh, innit?!


Hands down most literate cash machine I have seen so far in London – who needs Google translate?

This is another entrance to Carnaby Street, loving the glitter.


How many blondes did it take to fit these lightbulbs?!


Random skull, because I love Skulls and this one is Christmassy. Yes.


And here are a couple of Oxford Street light pics…


OMG the John Lewis windows were so cute and hilarious! This is Moz the Monster getting his booty washed by a bear. Nice work, pimp fluffy!


And finally, an electric peacock which was really cool. In fact, the only kind of cock which looks good standing up.


There is so much more going on in London and I have plenty more pics in my camera. So I am going to keep updating this post as I offload pics from my photographic beast. I do hope this was a good taster!

Have you visited London during the festive period? Enjoyed it?

What is happening round your area?

Hit the comments and be festive ๐Ÿ™‚

With lots of Baubbles & Bears


London Weekend

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    • Thank you !! The set up is truly lovely, You will enjoy it and there’s a groovy burger place round the corner ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  1. Very, very bright and colorful this time of year! โ˜บ London looks like a great place to visit….I’ve never been there. But now I’d like to go! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    • It is indeed ! There is a lot to see but this time of the year is definitely worth coming for ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for visiting !

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