Roaring in Leopard

As I am getting older, I love covering myself in leopard print am embracing more and more the freedom that comes with not giving a flying, stationary – or wireless f*ck.

And so should you.


One of the most important life lesson I have learnt [other than the fact that James Hetfield is actually Jesus and cut his hair to fool you], is that you will only become your true self once you start thoroughly discarding all the moulds which have been cast upon Your Being over the years.

Moulds? Are you going all artistic on us? Or is it time to call Mr Muscle for a scrub?


 Nope. What I call ‘moulds’ are those archetypes, traits, behaviours, stereotypes, social norms, religious dogma, societal rules and sociological conventions which you have been fed and watered with since the moment you landed upon planet Earth, screeching louder than Rob Halford asking for Painkillers [though your mama might have beaten you and him at that time].

These patterns have been hitting your subconscious, your conscious and your self-conscious day in and day out, and have been reinforced by hundreds of external influences as you have made your civilian way into society. Examples I have personally faced:-

–       You can’t wear a tutu at work (but you can wear a flat fabric penis tied across your neck for no reason)

–       You can’t speak your mind with regards to nutty acquaintances/colleagues, even though half of the group/colleagues of said acquaintances cannot stand them either – because it looks bad in the face of the rest of the group (but it is ok to be a private w*nker *cue Tina Turner’s epic Private Dancer *)

–       If you don’t have an appendage of doom dangling between your legs, you cannot travel on your own or you will get looks of pity and/or ‘you’re a spinster with too many airmiles’ (sorrynotsorry my vagina enjoys those airmiles)

–       You can’t touch this (MC Hammer)


If, like me, you are carrying years of heavy background (sadly not metal) in which your entire sense of self was moulded harder than some out-of-date PlayDoh (think religious, family and psychological patterns), then you will have experienced the daily mental struggle between what you want to do [True Self desire] & what you should do instead [based on in-built rules].

sad thinking.jpg

When your own vision of life is shaped by someone else’s, then not only is it time to go to Specsavers but it is also time to holla at your own mental Exorcist.

In the words of Outkast *shake it, shake shake it!*


For so many years, I have been fighting internally – and trust me, it’s been cattier than the Axl Rose vs Slash battle.

But now, I am just not giving a fuck and will continue to do so whilst wearing leopard everywhere, because life is too short, and there are too many leopard coats and skull bags still to be bought.leopardcoat-6

On this note, shall we all say ‘bye bye’ to mental constraints, and kick their arse?


No airmiles involved here, but a good old zone 1-2 Travelcard !


Time for me to say good evening dear Friends…! But still, please do share your experience with mental struggle, would love to hear that I am not the only neurotic being with a taste for leopard and skulls 😉


Until Next Time!


Coat : New Look

Boots : New Rock

Hat : Primark, customised with a skull safety pin

Leggings : EMP

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