A Heavy Metal Autumn Look

Pompous title? Check.

Confused readers? Check.

Ploy to make sure readers stay on page :


*sigh*As I am writing this, I am covered in dust and my nose is going through a lot of blowing.

Tut, tut, tut !

Rest assured, I am not talking about the dust favoured by wannabe rockstars in London’s most unsavoury rock bar toilets [people actually do all sorts of sh*t in there that is not actual literal sh*t, the irony eh?let’s save this for a new blog post].

I am merely referring to the never ending galaxy of sneezy particles which come part of the unpacking of cardboard boxes. Nearly done though.

In any case, I felt like posting some pics which were to be used for an Autumn collaboration with another blogger. This didn’t happen and now Winter is coming…No today Santa, not today!

All pictures were taken in Holland Park in London – a fantastic park. I took all sorts of photos there and have included them below,  hopefully capturing the awesomeness of it.


My top is from Ebay, it is actually a Metallica Tee (Ride The Lightning) which has been reworked with lace at the back! The coat/cape is from boohoo (I LOVE IT!), the necklace is from New Look, and the boots from New Rock.


This was breathtaking! What you can’t see is that I was standing on a tiny bridge with dozens of people all trying to take photos and not fall into a beautiful  (albeit obese) fish’s mouth in the pond below.


The park is amazingly spacious and has a really cool vibe to it, I really enjoyed parking my arse everywhere mother nature allowed me to! Check out this posing spot:

autumnblog autumnblog-3.jpg autumnblog-2.jpg autumnblog-15.jpg

This is from the Japanese Gardens … How ace are the colors?  Mama Nature knows best how to do make up, doesn’t she?


As far as posing goes, this Diva wins : autumnblog-16

And that is me sashaying out of this glorious park!


I swear I don’t plan it, but I always end up with one silly picture which is an “end of blog post” one.

Case in point : the Zorro pic !



I highly recommend this park, it is absolutely stunning, peaceful and has plenty of variety!

Hope you enjoyed my little introduction, and I shall leave you to it cos I got some unpacking to do !

PS: I am very excited to be resuming shoots next week, so do stay tuned (and play some tunes!).


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