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Last Sunday, I had an epiphany.

Granted, I had had a few beverages the night before, but the grandiose idea was totally ethanol free by the time I woke up [late].

How about a last minute little photoshoot down the local church gardens with my graveyard pals? 

I could take some pics of the gorgeous autumn leaves, snap away the local residents’ final resting places (better than a London estate agent and their wide angle scammy pics) AND make the most of my lil £4 flower hair crown which I wore at the birthday party. Ace plan, no?

Of course, it didn’t turn out that way.

Because whilst being a blogger is fun and I love it, it can be a LOGISTICAL PAIN IN THE GOTHY BOOTY !!!

How about:

    • You paint your face more exquisitely than Marilyn Manson if he were part of a Renaissance tribute band,
    • You pack your badassesst (yas squiggly line of grammatical doom) New Rock boots
    • You lay upon your shoulders a cool studded biker jacket,
    • You cover your thunder thighs with some flowery tights,
    • You make it all the way down to the gardens after having been riding in a bus which stank like a rugby team’s laundry bag,
    • You open your Indiana Jones Blogger survival bag and realise…



The tripod is the blogger’s tri-legged best friend.  It will support your photographic beast (mine is a Canon 6D MkII) and ensure your best poses and pouts do not end up into digital versions of the famous painting known as The Scream – i.e. all twirls and blurs and a face worthy of a trip to rehab.

I had an idea though …


Since I am of the stubborn variety – and I didn’t want to go back into the Perspiring Bus – I thought I’d improvise …

Here’s me thinking and adjusting my “cryptpod”….

… yes, you read that right “cryptpod” !! I plonked my beast into an empty sarcophagus looking thing and started messing about with the settings … Photography, eh??

This face is the face of Bliss as the little tilt screen on my camera is actually displaying a human head, and not an unfocused floweroid mammal as it did for the first few 10 minutes of fiddling.

Are you gonna work or nah?

Eventually I decided to go home and pick my tripod because the whole “pics from the crypt” thing was getting creepy and annoying.

By the time I arrived back again in the park, it was getting dark and I only had time to do test shots and be moody. As you do.



Can you tell the misery?


In summary, blogging is a whole lotta fun but be prepared to have the right gear with you or you may end up looking like a Belle out of Hell 😉


Ps: am travelling to Scotland for the Enchanted Forest festival and I have ALL THE GEAR !! ✌🏼😉🎉🎊🎈

Alternative Fashion Autumn Blogging Photoshoot

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