Halo! The Devil Made Me Bling It

Dear Parishioners of the Church of the Latte-a-Day Saints,

In this day of the Holy Sabbath (oooooh I do love some good old Black Sabbath), I have a confession to make …

I have blinged. Yes, blinged. And whilst I blinged, I binged too. I binge-blinged!! [you have no idea the amount of squiggly grammatical red lines this post is triggering, I think the spelling robot is cursing for my return to English School right now].

Scandaleux !! (as my mama would say). Well actually, she would not say that but a straight to the point : ” Et le mien?” ie “What about Mine?”

Well, sorry Mother but this is myyyy preciousssssss !

I got this gorgeous devilicious necklace from Ineffabless , and I am totally in love with it. I picked this double-hearted one because of its cute double personality : cheeky devils horns and tail, and angelic halo. Totally fits my schizophrenic fashion style 🙂

The quality is amazing, really fine and delicate. I realised that it is actually 18K White Gold Plated, 925 Sterling Silver, which is very good at this price. In all, I am really impressed, and it is my first encounter with the brand.  I am definitely going to stay tuned for more!

Have a great evening and don’t forget to be cheeky … but nice 😉


PS: On a side note, I have decided to put instagram posting on hold, for various reasons (part two of the instagram rant coming soon) so you will see more of me in this glitter and sequins chapel that I call my blog!

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