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If you follow alternative clothing brands online and on social media, you cannot have failed to notice a huge trend : the ‘Imma Rich Witch Bitch‘ trend.  Occult symbols galore, pentagrams all the way down the panty line, and assorted evil eye sponsored by L’Oreal.

Don’t get me wrong, most of the items are totally cute and cool in their own right, but it irks me that an actual practice is once again bastardised for commercial purposes.

Unlike what is portrayed in the media, a witch is not just a chick with pentagram-shaped nipples summoning Satan via Instagram.

Nor is she a devil worshipping harlot sacrificing more chicken than KFC on a Friday night, whilst chanting Hocus Pocus Luciferus.

As much as I would probably enjoy wandering round Central London cursing out cyclists with a scepter and a pointy hat, my practice is much more muted and personal.

I consider myself a Witch because of my beliefs in positive energy, Universal Laws, the Universe and Nature’s ability to heal and protect.


I wear pentagrams because of their power and what they represent to me : the five points representing humanity – protected by the wholesome circle. Not because Charmed is on repeat.

Did you know that black is actually a protective colour, which repels negativity and promotes deep meditation? Wearing black is not only done as an act of rebellion or to prove a point (“my socks are black, therefore I am a Deeper Goth than you“), it can also be because one feels comfortable wearing black. I know I do, and I have done so ever since I was able to pry myself away from my mum’s 80’s sartorial picks.


To me Black is the light….

FullSizeRender 69

… And I am not colour blind 😉

IMG_1005 2

Let’s talk about rituals. Conducting rituals doesn’t necessarily mean howling at the moon dressed up as Gandalf’s female cousin. It could be as simple as lighting some candles at home and wishing for peace and happiness (and some money, let’s be realistic, how am I gonna be able to afford my next pentagram toilet holder??),  whilst also meditating and self introspecting.


I personally love lighting a series of coloured candles when I get home. It is my ritual , and the only chicken involved is the chicken & cheese toastie I usually sacrifice before dinner.

Lighting those candles allows me to turn my back to whatever crap bothered me during the day.


I like to get the coloured candles from Tiger (£1 each) lit them, specify an intention and let them light my house and make it a relaxed and peaceful environment. I always feel incredibly chilled whilst and after they have finished burning. Especially when I manage to not burn anything else.

In summary, I do not look down on any of the brands or people buying these items. Hell, I’d probably like some of them (mama does accept donations). I just find the heavy bastardisation of the word ‘witch’ and associated symbols too sensationalised at the moment .  Too many hipster witches out there thinking that being a witch means adding basil to their kale and summoning Hipster Jesus to bless it. Maybe I am being too harsh? I don’t know.

You tell me 😉


Blessed Be


Shot in Westminster
Hat and Top from Boohoo
Leggings from Emp
Shoes from New Rock

Alternative Fashion Goth Fashion Heavy Metal Fashion Photoshoot Witch

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