The Glam The Gloomy & The Goth Starter Kit

As far as I remember, I have always been fascinated by the dark, the morbid and the occult. And it hasn’t got anything to do with the fact that I was shown the video of Michael Jackson’s Thriller at age 7.

As cliché as it sounds, I was the classic introverted Goth in high school, forever hidden in my horror/gothic novels, backed by a soundtrack of Cradle of Filth, New Order, Marilyn Manson and other assorted agents of darkness. But! This Goth Over Here (TGOH) was concurrently rocking fuchsia lipstick and white pearls along with the black cloaks and Dr Martens.

I have an unadulterated fondness for elegance and classic looks and I cannot seem, nor do I want to, disassociate my love for gloom with my love for glam.

This has even transferred to my work attire – a few years back I have garnered the nickname Goth Barbie by an ex-work colleague (now a dear Friend, hello Kimbo !).

So here is my very own Glam, Gloomy & Goth make up kit 🙂 I own and use these, most of them daily. I will edit this post soon with photos to show you how good these products are. Do you have favourite make up staples?

Glam, Gloomy & Goth

Beauty Make Up

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