You Lose Some, You Win Some

You know how some people ‘Wake up Like This’ – cue *instant glowy face potentially generated by Maybelline*?

Well, that ain’t me. In fact, over the past 2 months I have been getting out of bed looking like a tanned version of Alice Cooper, with a keratin blow dry and a thirst for H2O, make up remover and a face scrub.

I have been feeling so rough, I now understand what it is like to be Keith Richards going through a withdrawal of Marlboros and eyeliner.

Every evening, I have been wishing to break free from the office, the commute, the boring conversations…, whilst sleepily scouring my tiny flat with my vacuum cleaner and sporting a coffee moustache due to my inability to hold and sip from a coffee cup properly (How do you do it Keef??).

However, I still wake up and start drawing, thinking, mapping, planning, researching, buying (85% of my time…oops), designing for what I believe my dream career will be. Because it makes me happy, and I finally have a sense of purpose for my upcoming days, which will be spent away from collecting dust in a cold office with silent farters and loud micro-managers.

Over the last few weeks, I have realised however that where I have been excited with my new prospects (slowly quitting a 9 to 5 to pursue multiple creative ventures), the rooting for failure amongst acquaintances and “friends” has made itself felt in various ways.

I was having this very conversation yesterday with a good friend and fellow businesswoman in the making , and we both concluded that a lot of people we know are so insecure with their own inability to do anything else with their life other than hunting for STDs in seedy parts of London, that they unashamedly project their lack of ambition onto the very people who are trying to achieve something.

This reminds me of this quote from Lemmy from Motörhead :

In my life so far, I have discovered that there are really only two kinds of people: those who are for you, and those who are against you. Learn to recognize them, for they are often and easily mistaken for each other.

In any case, humour and music always help me cope with nasty situations and people.

And most of all, all that I do, I do for myself, with the support of people who matter (I love you People!).

So here is a little haiku composed at 1 am in the morning whilst trying to give the blog a facelift :


Thank you for reading this and stopping by !


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