Living in the London Edge

What happens when you get struck down with more illnesses than the original man actually made-of-metal (sorry Rob Halford)??

This dude is so metal it hurts m/

… You end up spending so much time on the World Wide Web that you crawl faster than Spidergoth crawls on a Venom vinyl at his local record store.

With this wonderfully naff analogy in mind, picture me ending up randomly stumbling upon this event called London Edge, an alternative fashion trade event for trade wholesalers and bloggers. I had never heard of such event, and, just reading through the list of brands  genuinely got my blood pressure pumping so fast, I could have fed the entire Twilight cast of sequin vampires within an hour.

And there I am, 2 days after the event, high as a kite from all the candy, gorgeousness and groovy vibes ! 

First things first, it always makes me cackle a la Morticia when people associate “alternative” with moody Charlie Chaplin Goths. I mean…look at the below… So many eye catching colorful stalls ! That is what Alternative is to me, a vast array of options, aesthetics, from a wide spectrum of colors, styles and perspectives. Endless possibilities away from cookie cutter pre-determined looks.



I am not going to lie, I was BOILING with this outfit on, but since I loved it (the outfit, not the goth sauna) I decided to keep the entire thing on .
This is MAMA’s HOUSE!!


If you follow me on Instagram, then you would know that I ADORE New Rock boots, they are so comfortable and badass looking. The stall didn’t disappoint and I have even spotted my next Valentines / Christmas/ Birthday / Diwali / Eid / Hannukah present. Peace, love & New Rocks !





Do I look tired? Yes I do. Am I tired? Yes I am.  Do I care?
No, because my buddy#photoshopexpress works faster than any moisturing cream 😅.
The day before the event I was out with my squad and we ended up in Garlic and Shots, where plenty of garlic was had (sorry vampires) and plenty of shots were drowned … Still, I enjoyed pretending I belonged on a catwalk for a minute !!
You see a wall that spells out “Queen of Darkness” AND has a cute evil bat in the middle… What do you do?
You plonk yourself in the middle and rotate until you get your picture taken at all angles possible!


And you get mad, because your 5″4 Self cannot reach the top of the bat, and the bat gives you the stank eye!
But you get to terms with it and embrace the bat !


More stalls… I LOVED those shoes from Charla Tedrick.
Talk about solving 5″4 issues…


People who know me also know me as “Bag Lady of Darkness”. So this stall just made me drool…
A gorgeous gown that was displayed upstairs.
*Puts on Lady Gogoth wig*
Sorry I cannot hear you I’m Goth and Busy ! Am Goth and Busy !


When you have an open bar full of candy, AND inflatable unicorns, flamingos and props are roaming around you … you squeal like a Barbie on LSD and get posing !!




This event was absolutely amazing and I really have to thank the organisers for allowing us bloggers the opportunity to attend the event. It really inspired me for my brand and my side projects. I am hoping to be behind one of the stalls next year…

In the meantime here are a few after event pics, taken in the restaurant me and the girls went to chill at post London Edge… I WANT THAT WALLPAPER!!


 Oh yes. There was an after party…
That face when you realise you are GOING to the after party! 😉


I hope you enjoyed the rundown and stay tuned as I will add more pics over the next few days!
Stay Edgy !!


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