Photoshoot: The Great Gothsby

… or what happens when you are homebound with lots of bling and a camera to hand πŸ™‚
Gotta say that I am digging fashion photography, great excuse to prance about in my flat with more bling than Mister T and the Pope combined !
On this note, LOVING my new hat from Boohoo ! It has corset detail at the back, but I choose to wear it on the side.
The pearl necklace is from a charity shop, Β AND IT HAS SKULLS ON IT !!
So yeah, I literally snatched it from the wall when I saw it – faster than Kiss snatches musical talent (I HATE KISS).
I have a dress on from Ebay which is all black sequins and has feathers at the bottom. Will have to try and take full length pics of it soon (once I make my souvlaki souvenirs disappear : my arse decided to store souvlaki fat from Corfu).
I have used my Canon 6D MK2 with a 50mm lens. Like I know what I am talking about.











I have always loved to match old school glam to my rock/metal outfits. I have never been one to have the 100% goth/metal outfit thing going on….which confuses a lot of people.
Where did you get this? Primark!
And this? Burberry!
How about these shoes? New Rock!
Coco Primark GoGoth Gooooooooooooooo!

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