Hell’s Belle, Wedding Bells & Bingeing in Bingen

During my time in London, I have met many, many people. A mix of wierd, wonderful, strange, random, amazing and … idiotic.

For sure, London is a cool city with so much to offer, but sadly, it does turn a lot of individuals into pretentious, pompous arseholes – especially in some social “scenes” where a lot of  people treat others like props.

I have met some guys acting like rock and roll peacocks – strutting like they were Mick Jagger, minus the moves but with the tragic teeth and unfortunate Forest Gump social skills (this time, it was me who ran, not Forest).

I have met some chicks acting like gobbling turkeys, seeking attention like everyday is time for Christmas stuffing, and quacking their duck lips out for approval, yet unable to speak truthfully face to face.

But most importantly, I have met fantastic people who have become my family, my sisters, my brothers and lifelong companions! And that is always worth celebrating … especially when their own life celebrations involve trips 😉

Last weekend, one of my best friends got married in Germany and I was part of the special day… and here is a little rundown of the trip to Bingen, Germany.

First things first : my trips always start one way … through my stomach !!!!  I treated myself to a breakfast in Giraffe in Heathrow Terminal 5 as my flight was at unholy o’clock… A stack of pancakes with maple syrup and blueberries.

This photo captures the 5 seconds the stack was actually a vertical pile, instead of the mushy moshpit it turned into a few seconds later.

I flew British Airways to Frankfurt – not out of choice …  Blandish Airways, sit back, relax and enjoy the fright.

This was my hotel room in the hotel NH Bingen, which is about one hour away from Frankfurt. Apparently, I was lucky because everyone else was located on the non-refurbished floors, with rooms from 1976 and bathrooms from 1965 (my fellow invitees told me they could hear the shower head do the twist at night).

After dropping my suitcase, I decided to go for a stroll into the tiny town…

This sign cracked me up : nuns only? nuns with Dr Dre headphones? who knows!

The below photos were all taken during a random walk through town, I am always a sucker for funny statues…and there’s a few random ones in Bingen!

The town is littered with cool old school murals … photos are a bit rubbish as I was using my iPhone and trying to shelter it from the rain (as well as my hair : I look like Slash and scream like a Gremlin if water touches my hair).

I wasn’t expecting that waist bling! German fashion eh ?(kidding !!!!)

This is me playing the iPhone, the Witch and the Wardrobe on W day … I wore a blue lace dress from Amazon, a cropped blazer from H&M and some nude heels from New Look.

This was taken at the castle where the wedding took place, kids were releasing red hearts everywhere … I did feel like grabbing one and flying away to the tune of ‘Metal Heart’ by Accept , hehe.

The following day, I went for a stroll behind the hotel. The weather was great and the sights on the river Rhine were beautiful.

I don’t just start my trips with food, I fill them left, right and center … and my body makes sure that this is reflected in my body shape  – thunder thighs reporting for duty.  On a side note, it is a shame that this place only had burgers, as I really hate to be one of these tourists who go abroad and do not try the local food.

 The Rhine is massive and has lots of castles by its side. I didn’t have the time to check them out, which is a shame as I love castles.

This was taken in a little park by the hotel – conservative trees? Tree bikinis? Tree merkins? Take your pick!

Modern Art.

Non-Demon Ducks !!! (please refer to the post about the demon ducks for the reference 😉)

**caption required, author confused**

For someone who is used to the London Thames and its khaki tinge, seeing a river with water that clear was like the equivalent of getting sober and seeing what mammal had made its way onto your bed after a mad night out. Shocking!

I purposely didn’t put pics of the wedding on the blog out of respect for my friend, but it was a beautiful, wonderful wedding. I am very proud to have been a part of it as I have known my dear friend for 10 years now.

But do you know what was exciting as well?

The following day I flew to Corfu … and it was badass !!!!

Stay tuned as my sick tanned arse is trying to get enough energy to compose something decent 🙂

Bis Bald!



Canon 6DMK2 Germany Travel Trip

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