Fairies Wear Boots : Purple Sabbath Edition

Ever since the “Demon Duck / Locked Up in Open Air” experience (see previous posts), myself and my sister in crime Sal seem to have subconsciously agreed to spend our summer evenings out in the most open air areas you can think of : parks with broken gates (not by us *insert angelic face*), bridges, and even church porches (*insert another angelic face*).

This is great, until you are desperate to let loose from the panty noose (yes, I can be so poetic you won’t even have a clue what I am talking about : I was talking about wanting to go to the lady throne).

Thankfully, we now have plans stronger than the glue which ties Slash to his hat.

Anyway, these series of pics were taken during a royal outing (£1 at Tiger, haha) by the river…And no, we didn’t relieve our royal bladders in the river !

We did not get some purple rain either, but we sure as hell made the best of these little purple accessories.

I look all poised and dramatic, but the reality is that I was starting to get pissed off at a drunken couple behind Sal. So yeah, this face ain’t no “Dreaming of a Sparkly Guitar” face, it is all about “Dude, I am going to Crown Butt You“.

After having cooled down (no crown butting involved), we decided to take a few pics by the stairs. I was trialling a new camera I got (Canon EOS M3) and after swearing like a peasant, decided to stick it on auto-mode. Hence the grainy pics. Umpf.
Photography is so HARD!!!!



I wasn’t lying, there is actually some chilling down happening at the Church 😉


So, I am still trying to figure out this photography thang. Bear with me. I am putting up some extra pics on Instagram so please do have a look on there and feel free to give me tips, God knows this photography spinster needs help 😉

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