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As a self-professed gallivanting goth, I have always found it extremely difficult to cope with office work.

There has been inglorious phases in my career where I have had to stay locked 8 hours in the same room as people whose sole talking point was the altitude at which David Beckham’s ponytail was hanging (don’t worry they also debated the golden balls situation), and the evolution of Kim Kardashian’s cellulite craters,as well as howΒ Kanye West proceeds to moonwalk on them.


Of course, I have also met some amazing people, some of whom have become lifelong friends, but most of the time, I am itching to whoop my desk with a high flying kick and let out a banshee scream to the tune of Β ‘THIS IS BANANAS!‘ (Sometimes “FEED ME PASTAAAA”). There are so many sharks in offices, I have never understood why it is such a breeding ground for teeth baring and hair pulling.

My coping mechanisms involve either jumping on the cheapest Ryanair flight to Le Somewhere (my external asylum), or partaking in some random fun shenanigans at the weekend (sponsored collective insanity ) which usually revolve around friends, food, heavy metal screaming and the outdoors.

Last week, I bought a Canon EOS M3, to upgrade the capture of said moments. If you got to be extravagant, why not make it high resolution?!

These shots were taken during a really chilled cool evening which started at my place, with some drinks and nibbles with my favourite Witch. We then proceeded to walk along to Primrose Hill, for more Moonlit chillaxing times….(minus a mandatory drunk Homo sapiens episode)

The funny thing is that we were meant to go into Central London that night, but chance has it (and lazy arses) that we ended up in Primrose Hill, where the little nature break turned into chilling by the moonlight…

Peaceful? Cool?


Yep, until your stomach lunches into full “appetite for kebab destruction” mode, you lose camera and general photography related shizzle in the dark, and some annoying drunk critter on two legs keeps wanting to chat.


It’s ok though, the tripod can be a pretty dissuasive weapon πŸ˜‰ especially when you’re ready to lunge and scream “THIS IS HASTA LA VISTA SUCKER!”


Bar some annoying little moments like these, I really love night time outings, they make me feel at peace and everything that is draining me during the day, just seems to disappear (commuting, inane babble, queues etc…). I feel content!


What about you? What makes you feel content?


With love on a tripod πŸ™‚

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