Stairway To Heathens, Highway to Decibels

What you are looking at below is not a pic of two illuminated glitter goths sipping fruity wino in glitter cups, arses perched on a historical monument giggling their squeezed gluteus off.


Well, it kinda is (yo,Echo Falls fruity wino, can we please get a crate for next week? Ta!) … but it also has a deeper meaning – which is at least deeper than the glitter cups.



It is also a picture of a chilled out, balls to the wall (and bums to the Sphinx) start of an epic Saturday night.


When the weather is not being a tantrumy sobbing sod (3 times a year), I absolutely adore wandering about in London and just chill out and go batshit. Indeed, these activities aren’t mutually exclusive, chilled out batshitness is a thing, ask me and I will demonstrate (actually see previous posts ;-))


Lately, I have been drawn a lot to the South Bank, and not just because there is a Coop, a Marks & Spencer and a Sainsbury’s in a one mile radius, but because there is so much to enjoy over there.


And also because there are toilets in the vicinity. Wee Wee Win Win !!


After much chit chat and general howling in the night, we decided to cross the Golden Jubilee Bridge and carry on the merriments by the National Theatre.


And of course, if you are next to a Theatre at 1.30 am ye gonna be THEATRICAL !!!


So theatrical that your Iphone’s camera decided to act like a 1945 war photography camera!!
But that’s ok because I was ready for war that day (Ebay supplies the best weapons).


Resting Bitchface is real, but I OWN it 😉
Its not only resting, I got Moving Bitch Face too 🙂
And of course, some animated shenanigans with THE Heavy Metal Midnite Witch !
This was such a fun spot to relax away from the madness of the city. Not only that, but it had the advantage of being outdoors and free from motherducking Demon Ducks  !!!(see previous post).
Next stop was further down, by my favourite pier…
I fucking love this little area and that message just felt completely in synch with how I have been feeling lately! YOU DO YOU! No matter what you will decide to do, you will be judged, sneered at, judged, and so on … Who gives a fuck though, if you enjoy what you are doing and what you ARE as an individual, then DO IT !!!


The Sun doesn’t give a fuck if it blinds you when it shines 🙂
If anything, I hope that my tales of madness encourage people to be free and just go for it … Life is too short to dim ourselves ! (and to deal with arseholes ;-))
Smiles & Sweet Potato Fries 😉
(food also brings joy as you can see on my face and posterior)

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