Another Dick in the Facebook Wall

“Like, I was totally like, I don’t like Facebook, cos like, it’s totally like, for the people who liked their breakfast to get other people to like their breakfast, but like, how can the other people even like the breakfast, if they haven’t even been like, invited to the breakfast event on facebook??”  (Kardashianese Version)
Full translation : Facebook = Shit
I am so sick of the erect thumb.  
So sick, I had to take some curative measures not prescribed by the NHS. 
Yeah, I went private.
Private – because why the fuck is it socially acceptable and accepted to just have a nameless count of people lurking and passively feeding off your life like community stalkers? Why in the entire fuck do people feel like it is ok to add you and just sit there in your closet, watching you go about your life’s little moments without any kind of engagement, like virtual panty sniffers?  Yes, panty sniffing is a thing, just like complete strangers sniffing into your life to somehow get off on it.
I have always thought that Facebook was supposed to be a tool which purpose was to enhance an existing social relationship, help with meeting new people to create a real relationship, or at the very least, to engage with whomever you added. 
But it turns out that a lot of people just want to :
  • stroke their egos by adding one more sheep to their herd;
  • stroke their virtual cocks and shoot blanks;
  • act like utter peacocks and sometimes disrespect others in the process;


Let’s not talk about the various scary mammals with mammaries who will just go after anything with a dong, and use their facebook thumb to signal their availability and act with no dignity whatsoever. 
I am not a prude, but I was raised well by my mama to respect others and boundaries. If a man is in a relationship, you stick your thumb up your own arse. Simples! Facebook whoring horrifies me, and I usually have to pray to Lord Freddie Mercury to remove these things off my mind (I Want To Break Freeee).
So yeah, I am trying to be officially Shitty-Tittle-Tattle Disclosures-free .

I am being strict with whom I am happy to share my musings or life moments with.
Ever since I have liberated myself from the itchy irrational rash known as ClapTrapMydia (a disease known to push the sufferers into an endless stream of lies and ego driven babble), I have felt a huge relief. Just like after a good old fart. 

After all, the only trash I like is good old thrash metal !
Egonorrhea, the mentally transmitted disease pushing the stupidest and most narcissistic thoughts out to the world is something of the past for me now, and I am quite happy to have a smaller number of people whom I interact with, on and offline.




The moral of the story being : don’t be a dick on Facebook and don’t be a stranger 🙂
Until the next rant,

Facebook Rant

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