Bank Holiday : Budget Value Up My Irons

After living for over a decade in the UK, I have come to the conclusion that over here,  for a lot of people most Bank Holiday weekends either turn into Crank Holidays, Drank Holidays or both. 

Either the weather fails the population on its day off work – and it’s being remediated by copious amount of drinking, or, the weather is actually behaving and it’s still being remediated by copious amount of drinking. Cracks me up !

For me, the last bank holiday weekend (27th to 29th May) was a Crank The Volume one, as I got to go to Glastonbudget Festival on Saturday and see the Mighty Maiden on Sunday. I didn’t want to drink but I was forced to by the God of Free Drinks who kept bestowing free beverages upon my ‘attempting to diet’ body.  I swear, every time I had a cup in my hand, the water was turned into Lemmynade?! #MotörJesus
Glastonbudget is apparently the world’s largest tribute band festival and covers different styles of music – but I only got there to see the London Metalworks cover band, a bit of a Metallica tribute band (Reloaded) and an outstanding Michael Jackson tribute who blew my mind and made me moonwalk (more like a Uranus walk really) to the car park.
Some pics below of Glastonbudget – and yes : the weather was budget too.




 From the Metalworks set …





 From the shamonne set …






Now. Iron Fucking Maiden. This was my 3rd Maiden show, first time in the O2 Arena and it was an exciting experience from the moment I got the tickets … In fact, I get excited about a lot of things, but heavy metal gigs turn me into a reverse Grinch on steroids!

So imagine seeing this upon getting out of Greenwich station ! 

I purchased tickets via Amazon Prime as these were the only tickets I found available. All I was expecting was to get a seat in the Amazon Lounge area.

Instead, Amazon fed my now “struggling to diet arse” (STOP FEEDING ME FREE FOOD AND BOOZE !!!) and provided top-class service. Super friendly staff and tasty food (yeah am talking like a gastronomic snob but I had burger and chips).

As you’d expect for a Maiden show : PHENOMENAL !!!!!! 

Bruce was jumping around everywhere, tickling Dave’s guitar, mucking about with Adrian’s mike and Steve slapping the bass in his traditional shorts and wife bass beater outfit. Nicko provided the impeccable heartbeat and of course, Eddie made an appearance. My favourite tunes played that evening :

– The Trooper (of course!)
– Powerslave
– Fear of the Dark
– The Number of the Beast
– Wasted Years 


I took a few pics but most of the time I was to busy bopping about m/
















And the award for the most metal photo of the night…. 🙂
Until next time …

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