Bethnal Green, The Market of The Beast

My name is Mel, and I am a blingaholic.


I do not just own shiny rings and sparkly necklaces, studded collars and spiky wristbands; I cake my body and my walls with bling. I wake up with bling, I go to bed with bling and I will probably die under a pile of carefully curated bling.

Ok, for simplication purposes and/or for the potential male potential reading this, just picture a female version of Mister T; only I prefer silver and I don’t pity fools. Got it?

With that in mind, I don’t understand why it took so long for me to get to the Satanic Flea Market, held in Bethnal Green every 3 months or so… I am the Devil and I love Precious Metals too !

Thankfully, the Holy Trinity of Chicks saved me :
– Chick Number one was exposing (her jewellery!)
 Mandatory shoutout to the fabulous artist Sonia from Drakula Approved !!

– Chick Number Two was accompanying Chick Number 3 ; eg my dear friend Sal dragged yours truly out for some power pouting and general silliness (also thinking of using these pics for the before photos of my future botox pics?!#cleverbirdinnit)

So onto the actual point of this post. Ahem.

The market itself is held on 3 floors and entry was £3 (see something interesting!!!). It features an array of occult themed stalls, be it palmistry, jewellery or inductions to various satanic churches, including a “Church of Rational Satanism” …. Dude, who knew I would see the day where Satan and Rational would actually be used in a sentence together; let alone an actual organisation?! Since when do fictional beasts become rational? Oh wait – Bigfoot did just get elected president of the USA didnt he… Damn.

The below stand was stunning …. why? Because it was shiny as fuck and had some gorgeous pieces which would look totally cool on me, were I not a bloody office worker wearing the most boring clothes since God decided to become rational and get Eve to cover her booty.

Finally,  there couldn’t be a post about metally bling without the mandatory pic of a metally bling purchase, right?!

Well, here goes a glorious collage (better than what the BBC comes up with, promise) of my purchases from Drakula Approved …. Unique and awesome, thank you Sonia 🙂

Alternative Fashion Fun Jewellery London

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