For Those About To Bollock…

I rebuke youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
Oh. I know what you may be thinking….”What a nice introduction eh?!” (alternatively you may also be singing along to the original tune, in which case I actually salute you).


You see, I used to run a blog years ago … A blog that was as shiny as Dave Mustaine’s mane, and as funny as KISS’ discography. However, through a combination of lack of self confidence and sloppy peer pressure, I put an end to it.
I was too much Manson and not enough Marilyn.
I let my own aspirations and creativity fall foul of people’s opinions. I let my Sweet Dreams turn into Dream on. Because of what? “Friends” being critical and projecting their own inability to turn a passion into a reality? “Friends” sneakily snooping  on my site to screenshot and gossip away (well done ye super spies, feel free to sign up to MI-Twat)?
As Ozzy said: ” I got rabies shots for biting the head off a bat but that’s OK – the bat had to get Ozzy shots.”
Come and bite me, and get some Melly shots (if you are nice, I might get you some tequila).
Indeed, I have learnt through and through that people who surround you may either:
  – fill your circle pit with genuine happiness for any venture you may undertake – and thus, your circle pit ends up smelling like a bed of roses à la Bon Jovi;
– decide to be crabby musty motherfuckers and fart in the general direction of your beloved circle pit and emanate the stenchiest odor known to Napalm Death and beyond; an emanation so vile, it makes Satan sign up to get a free sample of Chanel’s No5.
Well here you go. It’s 2017, I have my big girl panties on and therefore :
1) Since I wear black most of the time;  I aint’ gonna be tainted by no douche no more;
2) Since I work in IT and I know all about templates; I got my standard response to standard bullshit :


Much lovage and rockage,
Melly Ozzy Bonjovi

Frenemies Random

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